5 Copywriting Tips to Convert Leads

By: Chris Thompson on April 18, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
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Converting new leads on a website is just as much about copy as it is design. A visually compelling, easy-to-use website draws visitors in, but unique selling points and strategic messaging seals the deal. If you’re looking to increase the conversions on your website, consider these five copywriting tips that could make all the difference.
1. Define and measure your key conversions

All conversions are not created equal. Before you try to increase your conversions, you need to define which conversions matter most to your business objectives. Select 3-5 key conversions, collect baseline metrics and develop a plan to track them ongoing through analytics tooling.

2. Be clear, not convoluted

It can be easy to focus on sounding sophisticated in your copy, but when that objective compromises clarity, your copywriting is doing more harm than good. If your message is buried under dense language and stacks of four-syllable words, your leads probably won’t find it. When in doubt, always choose clarity in copywriting.

3. Be short and sweet

The general rule with web copy is: It should only be as long as it needs to be. People who are visiting your website have short attention spans; they want to gain information with as little work and in as little time as possible. It behooves you to play into this tendency rather than fight against it. To ensure your copy gets read, be brief. If you can say it in 300 words instead of 500, opt for the shorter version. If you want to learn more about writing content in snippets or chunks for re-use and maximum impact- check out our free on-demand webinar on writing structured content.

4. Test your CTAs

As simple as they are, calls to action can make a huge difference in conversion rates. For example, “sign up now” and “learn more” are likely to produce very different results. To know which CTAs are right for your website, test different versions. You can use an A/B testing tool to easily create two different versions of your content and track which CTA is more compelling for your audience.

5. Communicate value

All copy — whether on your website, social media or in printed materials — should support the same unique value propositions. If you’re too focused on features, you’re likely not getting to the true benefit of your product or service. Review your web copy to see if you’ve effectively conveyed the unique value you bring to the table.

As you’re strategizing how you can increase your conversions on your website, consider these five copywriting tips that can help turn visitors into new leads!