5 Features of Editorial Calendar Software That Customers Absolutely Love

By: Chris Thompson on July 29, 2014 Categories: Corporate Communications

“Are you paying attention to what your (potential) customers want and/or need?”
We’ve written about Editorial Calendar Software here on the Marketing.AI blog from our own perspective, but never have we written about it from the perspective of our customers or those seeking such a service. After countless calls, demos and chats, we heard many reasons why people enjoy using editorial calendars as well as what features reels them in. Of all of the feedback we received and came across, here are five features (aka selling points) that customers love (and in no particular order):

1. Integrations

This is the answer that I’ve heard most when asking others what they look for when choosing a content marketing solution. The ability to post to Facebook and Twitter (and other social media channels) as well as WordPress and Bitly definitely catch the eye of many people. I’m glad to say that Marketing.AI offers the aforementioned! Our goal is to bring it all together – people and content – without having to open another tab on your Internet browser.

2. Simple Interface

There’s nothing better than working with a content marketing solution that is easy on the eyes (technically speaking!). A simple color scheme and easy workflow process to produce content makes the workflow process a lot easier.

3. Getting Everyone On The Same Page

That’s our motto right there. We strive on making our Editorial Calendar Software the most accessible, friendly solution for all to use both whenever and wherever you are, We’re all about collaboration. There’s no “I” in team (unless you work alone and/or for yourself).

* Side note: If you work alone during the day like I do, this is what it looks like when you talk to yourself:

4. Management

Aside from “getting everyone on the same page”, how about “getting everything on the same page (or single solution)”? The ability to manage multiple accounts, whether they be blogs, social media channels or websites, from one content marketing solution dashboard has been a customer favorite. We’ve listened to what you features you love, and offer them through the Marketing.AI solution!

5. Support

There’s a team behind every product or service that’s dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience while working with them. Great customer service can take you a long way – it’ll produce happy customers and maybe a few recommendations! Not too shabby! We here at Marketing.AI take customer support very seriously. We offer a virtual hands-on demo with all customers (and even potential customers), and give them a true experience of how easy and coordinated our content marketing solution can be.

What are you waiting for? We know you’ll love Marketing.AI, so come aboard and give us a free spin – You won’t regret it!