5 Qualities Every Great Content Manager Should Have

By: Chris Thompson on March 14, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
qualities of great content managers

While an entire content marketing team is needed to effectively create and publish quality content, it’s your content manager that will really promote your business through storytelling.
An outstanding content manager will work to find the best ways to use content in all forms as a promotional tool for your company. They’ll be the driving force behind the strategy and implementation. But what other traits should they have?

1. The Ability to Analyze Data

While analytics tools such as Google and Adobe Analytics help to provide analytics, it’s ultimately the duty of the content manager to make sense of the results. An outstanding content manager will add value to your team by deciphering the results of marketing efforts to in turn be able to target, reach and enhance your company’s content. Being able to understand where, when and why people are engaging with your content is a valuable trait for any content manager. Content marketing is not just a writer’s job anymore, content marketers are more frequently required to prove their contribution to sales.

2. Knowledge of Tech

As mentioned above, analytics tools will show you basic analytics, but to someone who only knows how to read the results on the most basic filters, it won’t tell you much. A content manager should be able to manipulate reports in order to get the data that they need in order to prove the return on investment of content. Being savvy with technology helps, and being able to use dashboarding tools such as Klipfolio, Tableau or Google Data Studio to generate robust and customized reports will set a content manager apart from the herd.

In addition, being able to rely on your content manager when it comes to things like HTML and CSS means that your company can spend more time and money developing content rather than looking for someone to help with the technical aspects of it.

3. Impeccable Organizational Skills

Being a great project manager is a huge asset. A content marketing manager’s job is to identify tasks, schedule production timelines and deadlines, and approve, maybe even create, processes for approvals and overall workflow. And these are just a few of the daily tasks they’ll face! That’s why a content manager should possess organizational skills to be able to coordinate material that makes life easy for every member of the team.

4. Interest in New Media

This one seems like a no-brainer in today’s professional landscape. All marketers are now required to have an understanding of new media, and they’re expected to be constantly evolving and learning about new tools and technologies. Your content manager needs to be on top of these trends and new technologies, in addition to knowing how to produce high-quality and shareable content that is relatable to a digital audience.

A content manager looking to be the best of the best should be comfortable creating and distributing content through an efficient workflow designed specifically for enhanced, direct communication and the widest reach possible.

5. Creativity

It’s crucial to have a content manager who is not just creative, but also constantly thinking outside of the box in order to provide unique content and solutions that will propel your business forward.

Giving Your Content Manager the Tools to Succeed

While the five qualities outlined above are just an example of what to look for, everybody needs a little help sometimes, and providing your content manager with the tools necessary to succeed can make a world of difference.

Try using a content marketing software that allows you to keep track of all of your campaigns, content assets, team members and deadlines in one place. Mintent allows your content manager to manage all your content projects in a global editorial calendar, schedule campaigns months ahead, keep contributors on track to meet deadlines, and automate approval workflows to spend less time on administration.

Now that you know what to look for in a great content manager, give them the gift of being able to work smarter and faster, and your company will be on its way to becoming a well-oiled content machine in no time!