5 Ways to Share Your Marketing Plan Up, Down, and Sideways!

By: Chris Thompson on May 5, 2016 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

Managing content deliverables can be chaotic. Not all the time, thankfully. But there are definitely moments we all experience where we just wish there were a better, faster, easier way to get done what we want to get done. Over the last few years, I’ve talked with marketers at all levels, in organizations ranging from some of the largest brands on the planet in consumer products, technology, and industry to smaller companies of all stripes. What still surprises me, is how most are stitching together the tools we’ve had now for decades to accomplish increasingly complex layers of marketing work, across multiple channels and initiatives.
I wish I could share with you some of the massively complex, multi-tab spreadsheets used as document trackers, project trackers, promotion trackers, etc. that our customers share with us. They’re incredibly difficult to manage and typically shepherded by a few individuals. When senior management asks for a glimpse into some key initiatives they want tracked, the team is sent scrambling for hours or days to pull together presentations and reports in order to answer the questions asked. If they can respond in a reasonable time frame, perhaps all the analysis is worth it. If not, the effort may be wasted if they’ve missed the due date for a decision.

Then add in the complexity of chasing documents across emails, agency partners, freelancers, hacked together calendars of activity, with files stored in varying locations and tools, or not, and the complexity picture grows. So yeah, chaos.

Soooo….is there a better way? Well of course there is. Mintent has been working with teams small and large, at all kinds of organizations, for years. They always start from wanting to create a new way of working, a new ecosystem to more easily accomplish their marketing team objectives. They get started working in our solution, get their team on board, and immediately see efficiencies of time, easier collaboration, and a faster path to success overall. These teams evolve to wanting to do more—and share more—of their marketing efforts more collaboratively and more easily within their organization, including stakeholders from all over the company.

So how can this be accomplished in Mintent?

1.    Start with a Free Trial

You and your marketing team members can start with a free trial of Mintent as a logical first step. This would include core team members, those doing the work, collaborating every day and working together to get stuff done. You’ll find that visibility and collaboration within this core group is just the beginning. The solution will also satisfy those looking more for visibility than collaboration—typically, senior executives—who want fast answers. Read on.

2.    Saved Calendar Filters

Saved views that can easily be shared are instrumental in creating visibility for your team. Simply select the data that matters to your campaign, product launch, marketing program, or any other data type—save the view with a name of your choosing, and then boom—you’re ready to go! Instant visibility without a single second spent crunching data in a spreadsheet.

3.    PDF Reports for Senior Execs

As we all know, asking your senior executives to log in to yet another system, with their limited time to do so, can be difficult. That’s why we make it easy for you to share the same saved views and reports easily in a PDF calendar view. Now you can create your own PDF calendar reports, and schedule them to hit the inboxes of anyone you think should have visibility to what you’re doing.

4.    Lists of Content Plans

Can you easily toggle between a Calendar view and a List view? Of course! Both saved views are available at the click of a button, and toggling between them is a cinch.

5.    XLS Exports of Content Plans

Sometimes you just want the data, and you want to easily export it and play with it. Simply filter and save the data you want to work with and choose CSV export, and your data is free to go where you choose. No limitations.