Color Palette Resources for Your Editorial Calendar

By: Chris Thompson on January 18, 2016 Categories: Corporate Communications

When it comes to color, we can all agree that it’s a powerful element in our lives. It affects our mood, the way we react to people (see fashion), the food we love and even the way we work. Many people would love to surround themselves with colors they like because it brings them calm and inspiration. That’s why we’ve curated a list of palette resources for color lovers. If you’re feeling blue, or Halloween or even red and green while impatiently waiting for the Christmas holidays, there’s always a color or set of colors you can choose to express that.

If you’re extremely lucky, like us at Mintent, and you get to work with a colorful tool like our Editorial Calendar, then you’ve got your own color scheme to help you get through a day of work faster and more pleasantly. What color palette resources do you use to visually plan your content marketing?

We like to keep changing because we’re always growing and looking for new ideas and so our color palette changes with us. You may have seen our posts on How To Color Code Your Editorial Calendar or How To Add Pre-set Color Palettes. For those who need a little more inspiration and would like to keep their color palette evolving and their Editorial Calendar alive.

A list of web resources for inspiration


paletton Color Palette Resource

1. Paletton:

The Paletton Live Colorizer allows you to use the Paletton engine within your own projects. When designing web pages, computer applications or even home interiors this tool will help you find a good color palette.

Pros: You can preview your work and judge accordingly and you can export the finished color scheme into several formats (Html, CSS etc)

Cons: If you’re not a designer, you’re probably going to spend a lot of time just picking and choosing. We’d love to see a recommendation feature, based on your project and personality.

Conclusion: A good website for inspiration.


COLOURlovers Color Palette Resource

2. COLOURlovers –

This is a creative community where people around the world share colors and trends. You can also explore articles related to home design, fashion and digital art.

Pros: You can get lots of inspiration here and see what other people are sharing. We are sure that most of the people in this community are active Pinterest users. You will also receive a lot of support from them on your projects. This website is easy to use and offers a multitude of palettes and discussion subjects.

Cons: Carefully read this Palette resource license information. Many of the colors you’d love might not be available for free or commercial use.

Conclusion: Lovely community and a very informative website, filled with inspiration. It’s one of our favorites.


Color Hex Color Palette Resource

3. Color Hex –

Color Hex is a straightforward informative website about color palettes. With over 11364 color palettes listed, Color-hex gives information about colors including color models (RGB, HSL, HSV, and CMYK), Triadic colors, monochromatic colors and analogous colors calculated in color page.

Pros: It has an impressive database and a preview function. It also has a color name dictionary which can come in handy if you ever have to coordinate a design project.

Cons: Lacks a bit in the creative department. No community or suggestion feature.

Conclusion: This is a good website for browsing colors, straight to the point and informative.


Coolors Color Palette Resource

4. Coolors –

This website uses a color generator with infinite color palettes for your designs. You can share, export or save it in your profile. It’s interactive, very user friendly and offers an online tutorial documenting the whole process of creating your own color palette.

Pros: You can download the Android and IOS mobile application

Cons: We would have loved to see a community of color lovers sharing their different projects.

Conclusion: Very cool website! It’s definitely worth checking out.


Adobe Colour CC Color Palette Resource

5. Adobe Colour CC –

A very helpful tool for artists and designers, Colour CC lets you try out, create and save various colour schemes. It is available in browser-hosted variants, and in desktop versions. If you’re using the desktop version you can export a color scheme straight into Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Pros: What makes this tool incredible is it’s IOS app that allows you to point your camera at something, snap a picture and create your color palette instantly with exact Hex codes and RGB numbers to import into your preferred editing program… Seriously!  Colors can also be shared, tagged or commented on through email, Facebook and Twitter. They also have a pretty cool video online you should definitely watch.

Cons: Some of us use Android and are missing out.

Conclusion: This is an incredibly useful color palette resource capturing color from the real world and bringing it into the digital one.

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