Agile Marketing for Content Teams

By: Chris Thompson on August 15, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
EBook For Agile Marketing Blog Image

We’ve been talking about  Agile approaches to marketing a lot lately, and we’ve even been implementing it ourselves. Although Agile may have been created for developers, it also works great for marketing.
We’re trying to spread the good-word about Agile marketing,  so we’ve created this helpful eBook- “Agile Marketing for Content Teams“. It is aimed at content marketers who are interested in trying it out, but who are not quite sure where to start. This eBook will give you actionable advice and information about how to:

  • Focus on the high-priority, high-impact tasks
  • Reduce guess work and perfection paralysis
  • Base content on data, rather than a creative hunch
  • Align content with customer interests and feedback
  • Instead of big failures, learn from small victories

Download the eBook now.

If you’re still hungry for knowledge about Agile Marketing, you should also check out our on-demand webinar: “Agile Marketing 101” with Andrea Fryrear.