April 2020 – The Content Mashup Mashes On

By: Jeff Riddall on June 25, 2020 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Mashup Newsletters, Content Strategy, Uncategorized

The World and how we operate within it is quite different since the last Mintent Content Mashup, but we are working from home to flatten the curve of COVID-19 and moving ahead with development and digital marketing services support. We’re still here for you! Here’s some of what’s new on both fronts.

Copy Content Items

We’re pretty excited to announce the release of this new feature designed to help create large campaigns with multiple pieces of different types of content. Simply click the Copy button at the top of any Creative Brief to create up to 100 copies of an item, which will replicate all of the Fields in the Brief and can include Workflows and/or Attachments. You will then be able to edit and change only pertinent Field values in your new copies via an editable List view.

We’ve created a Help document here for your reference.

We welcome any and all comments on this feature at feedback@getmintent.com.

How to Create a Contingency Plan for Your Company’s Content

The recent week’s events have sent several organizations scrambling to communicate with and update their customers and key stakeholders on steps they’ve taken to deal with the pandemic. In times like these, it’s ideal to have an emergency response plan. Here are a few thoughts on how to prepare one.

Five Ways You May Be Sabotaging Your Content Marketing Campaigns

Search Engine Journal recently featured the following post with several good tips and reminders for creating successful digital marketing campaigns for maximum visibility and engagement.

Click here to read

A Room with a View

The folks at Mintent in Barrie, Ontario, Canada recently moved to swell new digs with an awesome view of Kempenfelt Bay and a newly filled gumball machine. While we’re not currently there, in the not too distant future you’ll be able to find us at 150 Dunlop Street, Suite 201.

Mintent office in Barrie Ontario        Mintent gumball machine

Have You Tried Tracked Links with Your Own Custom Domain Yet?

Just a reminder. Mintent now offers support for custom, branded short URLs for Tracked Links to help highlight your brand or campaigns and track the engagement of content you share online or off.  Find how to obtain and configure a custom domain at https://support.getmintent.com/en/articles/3393579-branded-domains-for-tracked-links or reach out to support@gshiftlabs.com for help.

Rewarding Your G2.com Reviews

Mintent is inviting you, our valued customers and platform users, to provide detailed, balanced reviews of our software and support on G2. In return, the first 20 reviewers will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. Click here to see Mintent’s profile on G2 and provide your review.

Thank you for your ongoing support. We sincerely hope you are all able to stay home, stay healthy and stay safe.

Jeff Riddall
VP Product and Customer Success