How to Avoid the Most Common Content Marketing Workflow Gaps

By: Chris Thompson on November 22, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Corporate Communications
how to avoid content workflow gaps

Acknowledging that there are gaps in your marketing team’s workflow is the first step in solving them. How do you know if there are gaps? Read on to identify the most common ones and how to fix them.
Gap #1: Your work is often getting stuck in the ‘approval’ stage.

If you’ve ever spent countless hours writing an outline for a large whitepaper, emailed it to your boss for approval, only to wait for weeks for a reply. Well, in all honesty, you probably didn’t even get a reply at all, so you reminded them that this needs approval before it you can move onto the next step. Sometimes you never hear back, and when you ask, the direction of your strategy has changed, so the piece you worked so hard on becomes obsolete anyway.

As a content creator, it hurts when your time gets wasted like that. And with the shoe on the other foot, as a manager, it can be overwhelming to be sent such a high volume of emails from your staff constantly asking to approve items when you have a lot on your plate already.

If either of those scenarios sounds familiar to you, you probably don’t have a structured workflow in place, and things are likely slipping through the cracks. Most of your day isn’t actually going to strategy or marketing. A lot of the day is actually being wasted on the tedium and micromanagement of meeting your content deadlines. Emails, meetings, and the daily (mis)communication consumes nearly half of your workday. A Psychology Today article, citing a study done by Microsoft, and America online found that with all these interruptions, you’re spending just 1.5 hours a day on actual work.

That’s why you often end up bringing everything home, and still feel that you’re not getting your job done.

Solution? With Mintent’s approval workflows, you can assign tasks to teammates, and when it is time for the next person to work on the item, they will be notified.

Gap #2: You are handling tasks that can and should be delegated to somebody else.

You can save at least 4 hours, based on a 9-hour workday by delegating tasks more effectively. Probably more. Compare how much you can accomplish if you only had to focus on your job, instead of making sure everyone else does their job.

Solution? Content marketing platform calendars like Mintent’s give you a bird’s eye view of all your campaigns. From there, you can break it into tasks and assign to different teammates. The platform will take care of notifying and following up for all of the different stages.

Gap #3: You are managing content through emails.

An email was designed to send and receive simple information, not organize your life or manage entire teams. That’s why email stresses us out. We get dumped with messages, with no way of immediately converting it into a task we can do, delegate, or push until a later time.

The numbers are staggering but believable. Most content marketing workflows are dependent on email or similar messaging channels like Skype or Slack. Unfortunately, it’s turned our inbox into an all-purpose communication tool/project manager/calendar/notification system/archive/backup drive. And that “CC” button can mean you’re dragged into every conversation.

Solution? Ideation and production happen right on our platform, and you can view the history of your team’s comments per task or project instead of getting the blow-by-blow.  Now you can spend less time on correspondence, and more time on creative strategy.

Gap #3: You are wasting too much time in meetings.

How many meetings do you attend every month? According to Inc.Com, middle managers spend 35% of their day in meetings, while upper management spends 50%. Sadly, most think that 67% of meetings are a total waste of valuable executive time. Nobody’s listening, agendas are unclear, and there’s always that one person who won’t stop talking.

Meetings are great for creative brainstorming, setting strategy, or any agenda where you need instant, immediate feedback. Updates, presentation of data, or fine-tuning of logistics and details can be done one-on-one, or even on a project or content management platform.

Solution? Less talk, more action. Your team can click the “Strategy” tab to assess if their content is aligned with your customer buying cycle, personas, and campaign themes. The calendar (which can be filtered in different ways) gives you an instant update on what’s due, and who’s doing it. Tabs for Requests and what’s In-Production make it easy to synchronize team efforts without pulling them together into one room.

Go to to schedule your free trial today or ask one of our team to walk you through the features and personalize them for your company.

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