Battle of the content calendars: what can Mintent actually do?

By: Chris Thompson on June 29, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing
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Are you still using Excel to create your editorial or content calendar?  While this popular spreadsheet tool is handy for formulas and financial charts, it is not a viable tool for planning your content campaigns.  Here, we compare what you can achieve with Excel versus more modern content marketing tools.

  • Excel files can be shared by email. That’s basically it. If someone has a comment, you have to update and resend the new file.  Google sheets allow multiple users to edit, but brainstorming and discussions happen elsewhere.
  • Mintent offers an editorial calendar and several tools to help your team work together.  People can add story pitches to the idea bank, or drag them to the calendar once they are approved. They can also comment, approve, and share links or assets.

Depth and flexibility of information

  • Spreadsheets offer very limited ways to view your calendar. While your editorial calendar will reflect deadlines, you can’t filter the results to show how certain posts tie together or how they fit into your overall content strategy.
  • Mintent’s editorial calendar can be viewed according to date, type of posts and platforms, and strategic metadata (customer personas, buying cycle, or keywords).  You can view your entire content marketing calendar, or zero in on a specific campaign.

Project planning

  • Excel has been used for editorial calendars and project planning — but must be separated out into different tabs. You will need to create different files, and then manually update each one. It’s very easy to miss a detail.  Worst case scenario: your team accidentally works with an outdated file, and your entire project planning falls behind because of wrong information.
  • Mintent lets you create an editorial calendar and then automates the workflow for each piece of scheduled content. Writing, graphic design, approval, publication and promotion are scheduled, and everyone involved is notified of their task.


  • Excel and even Google Sheets are documents that present information, which you manually encode. It can’t notify you when you’re running late.
  • Mintent can actually streamline and improve your content production. It centralizes strategic information and assets so your team can find the information easily. It allows clear collaboration and communication, which prevents costly mistakes and delays. Its analytics tools help you see what posts perform better, so you can refine your strategy and produce effective content.

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