gShift Data Beacon Spotlight Part Deux – Keyword Discovery

By: Jeff Riddall on January 14, 2016 Categories: Beacon Spotlight, Mintent, SEO

The second instalment in our weekly Data Beacon spotlight shines on one of every marketer’s and SEO’s favorite topics – keyword research. While laser-focused keyword optimization has taken a backseat to a more topical and long-tail approach to SEO, keywords and keyword research remain at the heart of  any successful SEO or content marketing campaign. Brands must still be able to incorporate the relevant keywords and language being used in organic search and social by their varied audiences. Understanding which keywords competitors are using to communicate their marketing messages is also critical to those who want to effectively compete.

gShift has developed a few Standard and Advanced Keyword Discovery Beacons whose goals are to provide insight into the most relevant keywords marketers may or may not be aware of, but which they should be considering leveraging within their content marketing mix.

Standard Discovered Keywords Beacon

gShift Discovered Keywords Data Beacon

Beacon Type – Keywords

Question Answered – Which are the best keywords to focus on related to those I am already monitoring?

This standard (free) Beacon reveals any unfollowed keywords which are related to a chosen kluster of keywords within a specific search engine. These keywords are gathered from the related searches listed at the bottom of any Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Users may sort the list of keywords returned alphabetically, by Search Volume or by Competition (as defined by Google Adwords Keyword Planner). The keywords to which each discovered keyword is related is also displayed so users can quickly identify those words with higher topical relevance. Any keywords in this list may be Followed to see whether or not any content is already ranking for them or Ignored if they are deemed by the user to be irrelevant. This simple, but powerful tool, provides quick insight into keywords which should be paid attention to and incorporated into a content marketing strategy relative to others already being monitored.

Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon

gShift Advanced Discovered Keywords Data Beacon

Beacon Type – Keywords, Premium

Question Answered – What keywords is my content ranking for which I don’t know about?

Most marketers would say they have a pretty good sense of the keywords they should be focussing on; the primary keywords most closely related to the brand’s products and services. It is generally easy to come up with a core set of keywords. However, there are often another set of keywords websites rank and are found for which marketers don’t know about. They can’t possibly imagine all of the different ways content is indexed and ranked by the search engines. Additionally, most, if not all, marketers want to know which keywords their competitors are optimizing their websites and being found for.

gShift’s new Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon digs deep into our historical search engine results database to reveal previously unidentified keywords a domain or URL maintains positions for in a specified search engine or across all search engines being monitored including Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Yandex, Naver and Baidu. Searching for any website domain or URL will return a prioritized list of unfollowed keywords based on an algorithm factoring in search volume, competition, the number of positions maintained, the date last found ranking and the number of results returned. Users can begin following keywords deemed relevant in gShift to gain additional insights into how to build authority, visibility and targeted traffic to content.

Check back next week for the another round of useful Beacons or click here to see the Analytics Beacons we covered in the last post. We also welcome your feedback and any ideas you may have for other Beacons.