Best Practice Social Media Templates for Images & Graphics

By: Katrina Steeves on October 8, 2019 Categories: Social Media
Best practise social media templates for images & graphics

Whether you’re starting a new business or finally getting your company online, setting up your social media accounts is an important task that you can’t ignore. However, venturing into creating business profiles and developing an online presence is a little different from creating your own. Using a social media template can reduce the overall length of this process and ensure you’re following the best practices that will lead to social media success.

Once you’re ready to create your profiles, you’ll find plenty of social media templates available, however, they often contain conflicting information regarding social media image sizes and description lengths. To limit confusion, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process and made a definitive social media cheat sheet for you to use, detailing everything you need to know when creating your profiles.

There are 2 components to our social media templates:

  1. Social media sizes guide:
    • This AI Illustrator file contains profile image sizes and cover image sizes of the top 5 different social media platforms. It also includes guidelines so you can visualize which areas will be visible or covered across different platforms and different views.
  2. Social media copy template:
    • Here you can quickly and easily fill in your descriptions and any taglines you want. The template explains where each text element will appear and keeps a character and word count to help you stay on track. Creating everything in one place helps you keep your brand message consistent.

Template Download

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Image of Facebook Profile Picture Template

Facebook Profile Picture Size: 360px x 360px

Image of Facebook Cover Photo Template

Facebook Cover Photo Size: 820px x 360px

The important thing to remember about Facebook is that your banner size will depend on two factors: whether you’re creating a personal page or business page. This guide is specifically for a Facebook page banner.

Many people forget that the top of their banner will be covered by the search bar. Make sure you place everything important in the bottom two-thirds of the image.


Image of LinkedIn Profile Picture Template

LinkedIn Profile Picture Size: 400px x 400px

Image of LinkedIn Banner Template

LinkedIn Banner Size: 1536px x 260px

Your LinkedIn banner is short and wide. Similar to Facebook, there are many LinkedIn templates for personal profiles – however, this template is for your business profile. The official recommendation from LinkedIn (1536 x 768) is too tall, if you upload an image this size you will be prompted to crop it.


Image of YouTube Icon Template

YouTube Icon Size: 800px x 800px

Image of YouTube Banner Template

YouTube Banner/Youtube Channel Art Size: 2120 x 1192px

YouTube is hands down the trickiest banner to design because while most of the time it will be a long banner, you also need to ensure it’s large enough to be displayed on a TV screen. Keep the important elements in the middle to prevent it from being cut off by the devices it will be viewed on.


Image of Twitter Profile Image Template

Twitter Profile Image Size: 400px x 400px

Image of Twitter Banner Template

Twitter Banner/Twitter Cover Photo Size: 1500px x 500px

Twitter has a taller than average banner. The top and bottom will be slightly cut off on the desktop view. Keep in mind that the profile picture will overlap your banner slightly on the left-hand side.


Image of Instagram Profile Picture Template

Instagram Profile Picture Size: 180px x 180px

Instagram keeps it simple. The platform is one of the very few social media channels that has not introduced a cover image into their profiles so all you need to worry about is a good profile picture.

Mintent Social Media Strategies

Download Mintent’s social media template (link) and copywriting guide (link) for use in setting up your business’s social media profiles. Creating a consistent brand tone and image is crucial to ensuring your customers always know who they’re interacting with. Using a template makes this task easier and more straightforward.

Navigating the ever-changing world of social media can be a daunting task. For those looking to hand over their digital presence to professionals, Mintent’s social media specialists are only a click away.