The Best Types of Content for Link Building

By: Chris Thompson on November 14, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, SEO
best type of content for link building

In today’s increasingly sophisticated SEO landscape, the importance of link building cannot be ignored. A crucial part of any successful content marketing strategy, link building is like digital word of mouth that promotes user trust by having reputable websites link back to your content with information that can be useful to visitors.

Link building has also evolved from being centred on sheer quantity to a more strategic high quality approach. That means Google’s algorithm now focuses on the credibility and relevancy of websites linking back to you — instead of the number of websites. For example, having The New York Times link to a blog post you wrote is far more advantageous than 50 links from spammy websites with little to no engagement from your target audience.

Today, link building is considered relationship building. You are finding websites that your target audience reads to find relevant information and, in turn, those websites advocating your content shows community vocalism. Having influential players in your niche pointing back to your content is essentially securing personal recommendations from respected industry leaders.

With all this in mind, there are certain types of content that perform better and are more valuable specifically for link building purposes. In order to strengthen your digital presence and engagement, it’s important to know exactly which types of content can have the greatest user impact.

Data-Driven Content Rules All

Every great marketer knows the value of data and research. In fact, 70% of SEO experts found data and research to be the most efficient type of content for link building.

You’re not going to become a leader in your industry without original data and research either. It just doesn’t happen. Creating your own data can be tedious and trying at times, but it’s one of the best things other websites can backlink to.

If you take the time to conduct your own research and create content based on your findings, other marketers within your industry will find it useful to include it in their own content. The more comprehensive and thorough your data and research is, the more ways it can be utilized by different marketers. Just like how we found research from a Forbes article on organic click-through rates and decided to feature it in a blog post.


Creating your own data and research can also come through multiple channels. Some marketers use surveys while others like to directly ask their community what they want, the goal is to then take your findings and compile them into an easily accessible piece of content. People don’t want a full-on analytics report with zero narrative context, they want to understand the story behind whatever metrics you’re presenting.

Invest In Infographics

Now that you’ve got your data and research, it’s time to get a little creative with it. One of the most effective ways of doing that is through infographics.

An infographic can be a highly engaging way of translating your findings into a visually stimulating format. In fact, 74% of social media marketers use visual assets in their marketing efforts, even ahead of blogs and videos. Infographics are particularly useful in breaking down complex metrics in a more digestible way for users.


For example, Copyblogger generated over 260,000 social shares with one of their infographics. They took the simple concept of common grammatical errors people make and put their information together in a visual format that highlighted the differences between words like “your” and “you’re.” It sounds simple because it is. The best infographics make your data and research hunt easier.

Infographics that gain momentum on social media show resonance with your audience. This type of content is ideal for influential websites in your niche (especially if they engaged with the social media post) to see if they want to use it in their content and link back to you.

From a back-linking perspective, this is exactly the kind of content your industry peers love. Not only is it easy-to-follow, but all the necessary information is accessible at a glance without having to comb over a dense report with multiple figures and statistics. This saves time for marketers and provides them with every bit of data they need in one location.

Videos Stand Out

If you’re looking to take your visual content experience up another notch, videos are a great way to gain some serious backlink traction.

Since it’s pretty easy to get lost in a sea of seemingly endless video content, you need to stand out. That starts with knowing exactly what your audience wants. This is especially crucial through videos as there’s generally far less time to pass along information. In order to create videos that can make a true impact on your audience: you need to have purpose.


Videos have more power as you’re speaking directly to your user in a personal way. You can leverage this platform as a way to address customer pain points or develop your brand — ideally both. The more genuinely useful you can make your videos, the easier it becomes for other marketers to backlink to your content.

It’s also a much harder to emulate a video than a blog post. Because of that, your video can stand alone as a more unique piece of content that other sites simply can’t offer. Consider this: a user’s positive experience with a video ad increases their purchase probabilities by 97%. There’s a reason marketers love creating videos and the stats speak for themselves.

Since every company out there isn’t taking advantage of video, it’s a prime opportunity to secure backlinks. Build relationships with influential websites that are in your niche and offer video content that complements their pre-existing blog posts. Videos tend to impress marketers and since some companies don’t have the resources or manpower to add videos to their content strategy — it’s a great collaborative opportunity.

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