Big Announcement from Mintent!

By: Chris Thompson on May 2, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing

Today, we’re very excited to announce that Mintent is now offering a free version of our content marketing tool to allow access for all marketers, no matter the size of their organization. We believe that every marketer should have access to a content marketing platform, and we also don’t think users should have to sit through a demo or sign up for a “free” 14 day trial. It should be as easy as signing up, getting your content into the app, and adding your teammates. So for that reason, we’ve made our base subscription (up to 5 teammates, and up to 20 content assets monthly) free and instantly available! You can sign up for your free subscription here.

Why the change?
We’ve been listening closely to feedback from our customers and prospects. We believe that with this new strategy, we can better serve our loyal customers and fulfill our brand promise of “making marketing easier”! We want to eliminate the process of time-consuming implementations and costly and complex customizations for marketers. Our new model makes it easier to get started, get your feet wet, and set your team up for success and growth!

Once users sign up, they will have access to a collaborative workspace that allows them and their team the ability to develop and share your content marketing strategy, see all their projects on a shared editorial calendar, collaborate on the production of content, feed the content into their content distribution systems such as marketing automation tool, CMS and social channels and then use analytics to see what’s working and what’s not.

What do you think the outcome of this will be?

Marketing is getting harder and with so many technologies available, there’s still nothing that really ties it all together and allows them to manage everything from one place. There are tons of great project management tools out there, but those aren’t tailored to the needs of content marketing teams. There are also some other content marketing platforms out there that offer similar capabilities, but only serve large enterprise organizations. By making the tool super intuitive, and with outstanding chat and customer support, customers can self-serve, and can get up and running on right away. With our new, freemium, self-serve model, customers can start to see the value in it right away, and get the rest of their team using it easily.

Sign up and try it for yourself here!