Bringing Zen to Your Content Strategy

By: Chris Thompson on June 12, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Corporate Communications
Bringing Zen To Your Content Strategy Blog Image

On any given day, most content marketers feel overworked, overstretched, and overwhelmed. Most of them think that the source of their constant stress is born from the sheer amount of work on their plate. In reality, the source of stress actually comes from the way they work.
You’re stuck in meetings, reading emails, and putting out fires. Work experts say that only 1.5 hours of a person’s day goes into actually creating or managing. The rest goes into grunt work and coordination.

We’re here to help. In our latest ebook “Zen and the Art of Content Marketing“we detail all the ways that Mintent can free you of the mundane tasks so you can focus on creating amazing content. With an optimized editorial workflow, you’ll get 50 hours back to do what really matters.

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Mintent provides the structure and features that frees you up to focus on content strategy and do your best work. Our job is to free you of whatever is holding you back, and help you focus your efforts on where you can make the most impact. See for yourself. Sign up for our free, 2-week trial.