Buyer Personas: Your Key to More Qualified Leads

By: Chris Thompson on January 10, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
key to qualified leads

“Creating” Your Ideal Customer

Do you sometimes get the feeling that you’re promoting your brand to the wrong buyers? Do you find yourself scratching your head over why your marketing efforts always seem to reel in disinterested parties instead of genuine prospects? Perhaps your content strategies are based on educated guesses about your target audience, or even just a hunch. If so, then it’s time to get much more specific. To generate the qualified leads you really want, you should take full advantage of a powerful marketing tool called a buyer persona.

What Is a Buyer Persona?

buyer persona is a detailed written profile of a “virtual customer” — that ideal individual who needs or wants exactly what you have to offer. Perhaps they don’t know that what you have to offer exists, but if they found out that it did, they would need it. It’s more than a mere description, outline, or collection of demographic statistics — it’s a holistic composite of every possible factor that might steer that ideal buyer in your direction.

To create a buyer persona, you’ll want to collect such varied types of data as:

  • Personal demographics and background — This includes not only raw numbers but items such as hobbies, interests, personal goals, and past achievements.
  • Business information — This data might include occupation, job status and core industry, short-term and long-term business goals, and current or historic industry challenges.
  • Positive and negative impressions — You’ll want to know what these people regard as the biggest perceived advantages or potential pitfalls of buying your products and services, including common objections and previous positive negative experiences.

Where do you get all this stuff? To start out, get into the habit of interviewing customers, asking key questions on sales forms, and following up on customers with ongoing satisfaction queries and polls. Once you’ve collected all of the details from a sizable body of respondents into your content marketing platform, you can then combine them into a comprehensive written profile of the person they all seem to describe. This is your buyer persona.

Smarter Marketing and Higher-Quality Leads

Once you have your buyer persona fully fleshed out, you’re done with all of the wild guesswork over how to market your products and services. All you have to do now is to focus, with white-hot intensity, on winning this virtual individual over. You can now create and implement marketing that directly addresses the buyer persona’s known fears, goals, preferences, and challenges.

By concentrating all your marketing energy on the people most likely to buy from you, you’ll not only generate higher-quality leads than ever before, but you’ll also be making optimal use of your budget, time, and resources. So start feeding that data into your content marketing platform — and then get up-close and personal with your buyer persona!

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