As we hit the throttle and drive headlong into the roaring 20s, we’d like to take a quick peek in the rearview mirror and see all of the exciting changes, improvements, features and new plans added to the Mintent Content Marketing Platform roadmap.

Workflow is the Heart of a Content Marketing Engine

A solid workflow powers the successful rollout of a content marketing campaign. All of the cogs in the engine working together effectively and efficiently to make the car go. Mintent’s 2019 began with the release of several improvements to our Workflow process, including:

Workflow will continue to be a primary focus on Mintent’s radar.

Letting Customers Take the Wheel

On April 4, 2019, we were extremely excited to kick off our first Customer Product Advisory Council meeting, where we sought the insight and advice of an influential group of our customers to validate and inform our future product roadmap. We may be building the vehicle, but you are obviously the ones who drive it and can provide the best commentary on its effective operation. This group met three times in 2019 and will continue to meet each quarter to share experiences and feedback with Mintent’s product team. The frank advice and suggestions we have received to date have been invaluable. We look forward to any and all customer feedback through this formal setting or via

Turning a Corner with Ad Hoc Workflow

Continuing down Workflow Avenue, all Mintent customers realize they create Workflow templates with pre-defined stages, stage durations (SLAs) and assignees to account for the majority of their project flows. However, many will admit projects do not always follow a common path and it’s often necessary to make changes on the fly. In Q2, we introduced Ad Hoc Workflow editing to enable users to add, remove or reconfigure Workflow templates on a project-by-project basis. Now customers have the comfort and efficiency of a templated system along with the flexibility of ad hoc editing.

Applying a Fresh New Coat of Paint

In Q3, we began our follow through on a commitment to improving the overall user experience in Mintent. We diligently reviewed and tested the entire application to identify areas where we could improve consistency in the UI, including basic changes to navigation, button placement, labeling and styling. Where possible we looked to streamline processes and remove the number of clicks required to complete tasks. Specifically, our UX/UI changes affected:

  • First and Second level navigation
  • Calendar and List Views
  • Filters and Saved Filters
  • Content Item Creative Brief and Workflow layouts

Click here to check out a detailed Help document and overview video.

We officially said goodbye to the former UI on December 31, 2019. Farewell, old friend. You served us well.

Tracked Links – Directions to the Promised Land

On October 31st, we introduced a new and improved way to create unique, branded Inbound, Outbound or Conversion type links to track content engagement (clicks) with individual Content Items or across multiple items within the context of a Campaign. Mintent offers real-time Heads Up Display Dashboards to guide marketing teams on what, where and when to optimize by quickly being able to see what is working and what is not.

2019 was a fast, furious and exciting leg in Mintent’s journey, where we were thankful to avoid any major potholes and were quick to address the odd bump in the road (you can always ask for help at or ping us in the app.)  We are very much looking forward to where our customers will guide us in 2020 and beyond. The signposts just ahead read Enhanced Campaign Planning/Management, More Workflow Improvements, Scheduled Reporting and Smart Content Analysis.

Visit us and hop in for a quick ride or contact us if you just want to chat.

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