Compassionate Healthcare Marketing using Patient Journeys

By: Chris Thompson on October 18, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Customer Stories, Healthcare
healthcare marketing

Healthcare marketers are in a unique position over their peers who represent other industries. While tasked with promoting your services, there is a moral conundrum because in order for someone to need those services, they have health concerns.

That’s why many healthcare organizations are embracing the whole picture when it comes to healthcare – prevention, treatment and aftercare. By reaching out to people across all stages of the patient’s journey, you can reach a broader audience, rather than just interacting with those who just need your services during a short window of time.

Many marketing professionals use buyer personas when planning who they will target their content to, but in healthcare it can be changed to “patient personas.” In Mintent’s tool, you can build personas and share them with your team, because understanding each step of their journey can be an important part of connecting to them.


Even if the condition your organization treats is unpreventable, or you do not have any advanced screenings, you can still get content out there so that when someone needs your type of services, there will be plenty of information to be found.

People who might seek you out before they have a specific condition include.

  • Someone with a family history of the disease or condition that might be concerned about experiencing it
  • Someone who has a friend or family member with the condition
  • Caretakers
  • Media

When they come looking, you want to be the organization they find. When a person or someone they love is diagnosed, you want your name to be the first one they think of in the field. Having a bank of informative content, boosted through SEO, will increase your visibility so it’s there when someone needs it.

Reach out to patients before they need you by:

  • Provide Ask the Expert columns/interviews to local media with your physicians
  • Do Q&A sessions on social media
  • Post blogs about not only prevention, but treatment of the disease
  • Update your website content with SEO search terms


A patient has health concerns, or has been told by their doctor that they need to see a specialist. You’ve done your marketing job to get them in your office, but what do you do after that to keep them engaged so they not only stay with you, but recommend your care to others?

In this stage of the patient’s journey, they are not the only audience member that you can reach. Family members and caregivers are also important.

Ways to connect with existing patients and caregivers:

  • Monthly newsletter
  • Support groups
  • Lectures and Seminars
  • Social media posts featuring physicians and nurses to foster connection

After treatment

You’ve treated your patient and they are happy and healthy and have put their illness behind them. How do you stay fresh on their mind when you don’t see them on a regular basis? How do you make sure they recommend you to their friends and family (beyond the normal great service you have already provided)?

If they followed you on social media during other stages of their journey, or subscribed to your newsletter – you have a connection that you can continue to use. It is important to include content from time to time that will include them.

Ideas for former patients include:

  • Three, six, nine-month check in posts post-procedure to let them know how they should be healing, and any warning signs they should be on the lookout for that they need to come in for a checkup.
  • If they have a condition that could appear again, articles on preventing that from happening could catch their interest. “Tips for preventing another stroke,” or “Ways to keep your joints healthy after orthopedic surgery.”
  • Interview your patients and utilize their patient stories in blog posts and on social media.
  • Continue support groups for those who have gone through the medical condition

Building personas

With all these people you have to write for, it is important to keep track of them so your team can access the information easily and know which audience they are targeting in their writing.

Within the Mintent tool, you can build and store and share personas with your team members. You can also tag your content for specific personas, making them easy to pull up at any time, track, or even find any gaps in planning.

Keeping tabs on all these people can be a challenge – but with Mintent’s help, you can reach patient’s on every step of their journey. Try it for yourself for free.