Connecting with the Community Through Awareness-Month Campaigns

By: Chris Thompson on August 15, 2017 Categories: Content Strategy, Corporate Communications, Healthcare
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Do you know when National Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness & Prevention Month is? What about Psoriasis Awareness Month?
These health awareness recognitions may not be at the forefront of your mind, but for those struggling with these conditions, they are very important. There are so many “awareness” days, weeks and months to keep track of as a health care marketing team. (Did you know that in the month of May alone, there are more than 40!)

While it is hard to stay on top of so many observances, utilizing them can be an important part of connecting with your audience.

Here’s how you can use these dates to help gain awareness for your organization:

  • Opportunities to highlight physicians and services when there is a national conversation about them.
  • Most local news outlets are looking for unique and interesting stories to tie into these observances, connect with them and see if there is a fit.
  • Connect with patients on a personal level by acknowledging their unique journey.
  • Keep your social media and website active with content ideas driven by these observances.

Where to start?

The Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion has a comprehensive calendar on its website of all the healthcare observances for each year.  They also have several toolkits for some of the major observances with ideas to get you started in promoting awareness for those conditions.

Keeping track of all of these events can be tough, and having an editorial calendar like Mintent’s will help make sure nothing is missed, whether it is just a social media post for Hand Hygiene Day, or a multi-platform plan for American Stroke Awareness Month.

Editorial calendars can help with:

  • Knowing when all the observances take place so you can keep those topics in mind when planning your content strategy.
  • You can drag, drop and reschedule other content if it competes with the messaging you want to distribute for an observance.
  • Filter your calendar by content type – blog posts, tweets, web pages. It’s all coordinated to help you have a clear picture of what’s on deck for each observance.

Now what?

Once you have all these dates plugged into your editorial calendar – what happens next? Mintent has tools that you can use to help plan and organize your content for these observances.

Our content workflows allow you to assign projects to your team so they can do what they do best – create. When they have finished writing their content, the Mintent tool will notify the next person who is assigned to add their portion, or make edits to the draft.

When your content is complete and approved – you can publish right from the tool – post to your blog, Tweet, Facebook post or update your web page all from our site. The ability to do this from one location saves plenty of time logging in to each individual place you need to distribute messages.

Measure your success

Congratulations- you’ve tweeted statistics about stroke awareness, written a blog about signs and symptoms to look out for, created a Facebook post to feature one of your neurologists and updated your web page content to ensure your search engine optimization measures are fresh for all attention the topic will be getting this month. After you celebrate your accomplishment, it would be wise to measure how your efforts paid off before you begin planning your content strategy for the next observance.

This is where Mintent’s campaigns come in. When you plan your medical observance coverage – Stroke Awareness for example, you can create a new campaign within the tool.

With this tool you can:

  • Tag any piece of content as part of a campaign
  • Assign one piece of content to multiple campaigns, for instance, you can track a Q&A from a physician as part of your medical observance campaign, and a campaign you have already set up to build business for that practice
  • Filter the editorial calendar by campaign, so you make sure you have everything in place before the medical observance day, week or month
  • Track your results with our tool. Mintent can tell you how much engagement you received and which posts were the most popular. This will help you plan similar successful content on your next campaign.

Medical observances are helpful in connecting with the community you are trying to reach, and the tools at Mintent can help you make a meaningful impact that will help your message linger in their minds.

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