How to Create Compelling Content for a Tech Company

By: Chris Thompson on March 20, 2019 Categories: Content Strategy
creating content for tech company

Let’s face it: some technology companies just aren’t as sexy as others. There’s something about the beautifully polished minimalist aesthetic of Apple’s marketing that appeals to people. It feels slick and high-end but simultaneously relatable to everyday tech users. It’s that marriage between their product and the public which has allowed them to thrive in their respective industry for so many years.

But let’s really break down Apple for a second. Sure they’re on the cutting edge and all that good stuff, but they’re still just a technology company at the end of the day. They sell computers, phones, watches, and probably a host of other things by the time you read this. While they certainly have a stellar product to sell, it’s the narrative that that product is wrapped in that makes it truly unique among competitors.

Apple is just one of many great examples of a company with a perfectly executed content marketing strategy. Not only are they consistently delivering fantastic products, but they know exactly how to sell them to their target audience.

Content that is inspired and innovative can change the entire perception of a company, no matter what their niche is. Suddenly, a plumbing company isn’t just a service — it’s a necessity. A bank isn’t just a place that holds your money — they grow your wealth. However “boring” you think your company may be on the outside looking in, they’re only a few great pieces of content away from being an industry outlier if the product or service is already there.

Build an Experience

Before you start creating content for any company, you need to dictate how you want people to view the product or service as a whole. In fact, don’t even look at the product or service at all for a moment. Think of the experience you want to provide customers and, once you’ve identified that, it needs to be the foundation of your entire content marketing strategy.

QuickBooks is a perfect example of this. Instead of going into all the nitty-gritty details of their accounting software and how it works on a technical level — they focus on highlighting the core benefits and how it can help businesses. They make an otherwise complex and convoluted process simple by telling you that their software will help your business stay organized, get paid, and save time. As a business owner, that’s all you really want to know.


Their entire experience is built around business convenience. They’re streamlining the accounting process with their software and making it more accessible for the average business owner to manage.

Engage With Your Audience

We all know how important target audiences are in content marketing and it’s absolutely crucial to understand exactly who they are before you can start creating content tailored to their needs.

The first step is to dig into some data. Sift through Google Analytics as well as the Insights on your social media accounts to understand the age, gender, demographics, geographic, and behavioural traits of your target audience. Another complementary approach is to conduct customer surveys or interviews to find out why your product or service is the right fit for their needs. This research can result in content that strongly resonates with your target audience.

Once you have a better understanding of your target audience, one of the best ways to leverage content that appeals to them is through expert interviews. Every industry has experts, or even influencers in some cases, and there’s plenty of value in highlighting their opinions on different industry-related topics. After you’ve found your expert, determine the content vessel that’s right for your audience be it a blog post, video, or podcast. Don’t just ask them about their job either, ask for their thoughts on current industry trends and try to extract some valuable tips for your audience in the process.


You can even add an “Ask an Expert” section to your website and divide common questions from your audience into different sections. This can serve as an ongoing online resource that gives them regularly updated questions and answers for them to consume. Most working professionals are far more receptive to the advice of someone they know has been through the same thing as them and that’s the kind of trustworthy content only an expert can bring.

Track and Refine

Now that you’ve put together a great content marketing strategy for your company, you need to ensure that strategy is constantly evolving along with your customer needs. To do this, you need to utilize different tools that can help give you a better understanding of how your content is performing and how the audience is engaging with it.

A great tool that can help you with this is Mintent Trackable Links. It gives you the ability to dissect engagement and conversion analytics, which you can then use to create stronger content by identifying important metrics such as your best channels and messaging. It will even show you metrics for all of your on and off-site content, which can account for up to 90% of a customer’s journey.

Real-time engagement metrics, conversion paths, and custom reporting are all included in Mintent Trackable Links. To get the scoop on more features and how it can help strengthen your overall conversion efforts, book a demo today!