Content Marketing Sales Funnel: How to use sales feedback to build stronger content

By: Chris Thompson on May 2, 2017 Categories: Corporate Communications
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Use sales feedback to build a content marketing sales funnel

We know that the best content marketing sales strategy is built around your customer.  Customers can be in any given area of the marketing sales funnel – which is why it’s important to build content marketing sales collateral for every stage of the sales funnel.

Any communication or messages should address a prospect’s needs and questions at every stage of the customer buying cycle. One of the best sources of this information is your sales people.

Stories from the frontlines

Your sales people know your customer better than anyone else in your organization. They interact with them every day. They hear all their questions and deal with their reservations and complaints.

Some of them probably have a working sales pitch, which they’ve refined over hundreds of cold calls. They may even have favourite success (or horror) stories.

Happy customers, skeptical customers, difficult-to-please customers, customers they’ve converted from competition or lost to them – they’ve seen it all. Some things to discuss with your salespeople:

Tackle common questions   

  • What do customers ask about a product? This can mean that your current content (website, brochures, or social media pages) don’t clearly highlight or explain those features. And ask your sales people if prospects have difficulty finding the information, or are actually confused or misled by what they read.
  • What features do they look for? Sometimes customers already know what they want, and ask salespeople how the product or service can meet that need. Get the actual questions (this can help you formulate powerful SEO keyword strings) or turn it into a theme for a marketing campaign.
  • Are there misconceptions that need to be corrected? Your sales people can tell you if prospects have heard negative feedback about your brand, or have made assumptions (too expensive, too difficult etc) that stop them from inquiring or buying.
  • What are the complaints and obstacles? Why do customers say no? In their experience, what would help change their minds?

Evaluate current marketing collaterals

  • How do they use the collaterals? Which content have they found most useful? Do they use it as is, or do they only appropriate certain parts? What would they change?
  • What can help them on a cold call? Are there concerns or questions that content marketing can address earlier in the buying process?
  • What did customers say about the collaterals? Did the content help make it easier to sell? Did it give the information that the customers wanted?

Evaluate campaign platforms and timing

  • What content has the customer actually seen? Was the sales call the first time the customers heard about the brand, or did they encounter it on the internet or through social media?
  • Were sales and marketing reaching them at the right time? Did marketing campaigns help them become more aware of the brand, or was the content too hard-sell?
  • Were they unresponsive to sales-driven content? Why? Were they contacted too early in the customer journey, or so late that competitors had already contacted them?
  • Are marketing campaigns generating qualified leads? Are the materials targeting the right audience?

Get sales involved in the content marketing sales funnel

These are just some of the ways you can use sales feedback to build stronger, more effective content campaigns. Ideally, your content marketing sales funnel should have built-in measures for sales to share ideas, comment on content while it is being produced, and provide feedback on past campaigns.

For example, Mintent allows users to share ideas in an Idea Bank (which you can later drag into an editorial calendar). Its robust messaging system also helps people to collaborate and approve content – and in a much easier way than email threads and group chats!

An idea bank helps sales contribute to a content marketing sales funnel

This simple step can go a long way in creating targeted content and empowering your sales team with the materials they need to seal the deal.

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