Content Marketing & Search for Higher Ed [Webinar]

By: Jeff Riddall on December 11, 2019 Categories: Content Marketing, SEO, Webinars
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Upon meeting at a recent PSEWEB higher ed conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada), folks from Mintent and Funnelback quickly came to realize they and their marketing technology platforms had quite a bit in common. In fact, they identified a number of synergies in how their site search, SEO and content marketing features are designed. Both agree keyword research and search data are the underpinnings of any successful content marketing strategy. It is critical for marketers to understand how their audience is searching both on their website and on broader search engines like Google.

Peanut Butter & Jelly: Content Marketing & Search

The Funnelback platform helps marketers identify which keywords are being searched and which content is being consumed, while Mintent’s SEO platform enables marketers to see how their content is performing in organic search and which keywords and content they should be focusing their optimization efforts on. This content can then be effectively organized and managed within Mintent’s Content Marketing platform.

Ultimate Synergy Webinar

Mintent’s VP Product and Customer Success, Jeff Riddall and Funnelback’s Global Marketing Director, Jesse Swingle, in turn, took some time to chat with Andrew Cassel of Higher Ed Live. At the outset, Andrew said the questions he and his peers are most often trying to answer are, “How can we enable higher ed students to find the information they need and direct them to where they want to be online?

Join Jeff, Jesse and Andrew as they explore how students today are using search to research, qualify and choose the best-suited programs and institutions and how on-site search can be used to identify gaps in your content marketing strategy.

The sheer volume of keywords and content produced and consumed requires marketers to leverage tools, which will help them focus their attention on what matters most; the keywords students are searching on and the content for which the school has established some level of authority in the eyes of the search engines.

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