Content marketing workflows: what mistakes you want to avoid

By: Chris Thompson on April 20, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
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Content marketing workflows are a big deal. There are a lot of moving parts on a typical content marketing team and keeping it all organized can be downright difficult.  Content marketing workflows create the processes required to have predictable outcomes with your content marketing efforts.
Sometimes it is hard to figure out why your content is not making the impact you had hoped. Here are some of the typical content marketing workflow mistakes and pitfalls that you can avoid.

1) Your messages aren’t based on a customer persona.

If you haven’t defined personas for your most important buyers, then sit right down and do that as soon as you can. Why? Because your content won’t be pitched to the right people automatically. Are you writing for a man? a child? a person with medical challenges? What do they like to do? Where do they hang out online? Knowing as much as you can about a specific persona will help your content creators align content with their needs, the way they talk and this all leads to higher impact.

2) Your messages don’t target the buying cycle.

When people buy, they go through a typical cycle. First, they are not even aware that they need a product or that there are products out there that might solve a challenge for them. This is the awareness stage. Here you will be creating content based on the 5 W’s – Who What Where Whey and How? Titles like “What is a content marketing platform?” and “Who will Benefit from a Content Marketing Platform?” fit here. After awareness comes interest, then consideration, then purchase. Stage your content to fulfill the kinds of questions your personas will be asking at different phases of their buying cycle.

3) You’re not on the right platforms.

Part of defining a persona is to understand more about where your key audiences might be found online. What applications do they use online? Where do they read their news? How might you better target ads and promotions to them using social media channels? Are there some channels they might favor over others? Don’t waste time posting to channels that none of your personas will see.

4) You’re not posting consistently.

It’s important to make a schedule for posts and stick to it. Working in a content marketing platform can help you stay on track. Remember too that different platforms require different publishing frequencies too. For example, if you posted eight times on the same topic to Facebook in one week, people would probably un-friend you. But if you did the same thing on Twitter, no problem.

Below is an infographic on basic content marketing workflow mistakes, and how it can be impacting the effectiveness of your content marketing. Which ones are you doing right, and which ones can be improved?


WhatsWrongInfographic2 1

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