Content strategy: 24 questions you need to answer

By: Chris Thompson on April 12, 2017 Categories: Content Strategy
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What happens in an Internet second? 54,000 Google searches. 7,000 tweets. 2 million emails.  729 Instagram photos. 125,406 YouTube video views. 2,177 Skype calls. (Source: Internet Live Stats)
The Internet is a noisy place. Does your content strategy deliver? Does your message ring round and clear to your target audience?

Before you publish any new content: stop and listen. Not to your competitor. Not to your client. Not to the latest Top 10 list of content marketing trends. Go back to your audience – the person you’re talking to, but should really start listening to.


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You see your customer, but how does she see you? What features, services and brand personality do you want her to associate with your name?  Customers don’t just buy into a product, but a promise and a lifestyle.


Is your brand image actually converting into sales? Maybe it’s time to change your campaigns to reach a new market or differentiate yourself from other brands.

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Once you listen, you can begin Marketing with Intent. Align all your messages to your customer and brand identity.  Everything else is chatter – a waste of your energy, time and resources.

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