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By: Chris Thompson on July 11, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
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Thousands of years ago, people would gather around a fire and tell stories. The stories they would tell would include myths that decoded the mysteries of the universe, legends of heroism and folly, and old wives’ tales that bore underlying warnings that were easily understood (you could say it was the start of the listicle. Much has changed over thousands of years, but one thing has remained the same– people still crave stories. Nowadays, we gather around what could be described of as ‘digital campfires’ and exchange memes, videos, blog posts, and emails.  If you’re lucky, your brand story is one that people connect with. They might buy your product, share your content, and develop a sense of affinity with your brand. (If you fail… well, you can always have a Pepsi.)
By utilizing a content marketing platform such as Mintent, you will have more bandwidth to focus on creating a powerful brand story. If you are an ecommerce company, check out this post tailored to ecommerce marketers.

Create and centralize your buyer persona

Your buyer persona unlocks your audience’s needs, pain points, and aspirations. It digs deep into the nitty-gritty of their daily routine, home or job challenges, and even their deeply rooted values and prejudices. You start to see your “market” as a person – and no matter how large your marketing campaign may be, it must feel personal and authentic.

A lot of research goes into a buyer persona, but the work shouldn’t just result in graphs and surveys. You need to centralize and communicate this information so it’s at the heart of every message. With Mintent, you can:

  • Feature personas to help your team understand who they are writing for and why.
  • Track which content assets are being produced for each persona
  • Group, label, and view content according to themes (or sub-themes) that address different needs

Gather ideas and concepts for engaging campaigns

We understand how hard it is to come up with fresh new, creative ideas. Many marketing teams will hit a wall, feeling like they’ve exhausted all the possible angles. So how can Mintent jumpstart your creative juices?

  • Source and store ideas from other departments (sales, marketing, customer service) through a centralized idea bank. Drag the ideas into your editorial calendar once they’re approved.
  • Search past campaigns to find your most successful posts. Rerun, reslant, or repurpose your best content.
  • Use hashtags to draw posts around a theme and integrate into a powerful (and instant!) campaign.
  • Upload internally used content (sales powerpoints, speeches, training manuals, newsletters) to share with your creative team. New information can trigger new ideas, or turn company material into more polished and reader-friendly formats.

Align and amplify multi-platform content

You have lots of content going out across different platforms, but are they all telling the same brand story? This can be quite challenging if it is being produced by different people. Companies often outsource PR, events, social media and website development.

This was the challenge of Silverado, an award-winning company hospice and memory care company that serves 6 states with a network of over 1,000 caregivers and support staff. “We looked at several different platforms, as we wanted to have a better overview of our marketing strategy across all of our channels: digital, social, print, ads, web, PR, etc. We wanted to see a global view of everything, not just bits and pieces pulled together from diff­erent tools. And, we wanted a calendar-centric view of everything; this was key, as we want to see di­fferent campaigns and initiatives, and how they all fit together. We needed a solution that captures this information in an easy-to-see, easy-to-use, visual way where we can easily identify the gaps in our strategy.”

Mintent helped them manage their complex, multi-platform campaigns using one platform. With Mintent, they were able to:

  • Identify and fix the gaps in a strategy months in advance, with one calendar-centric view.
  • Search in the Mintent platform by ANY element (campaign, content type, date, and an easy system of tagging that includes one you can create for your purposes – ex: referrals, location, or type of service)
  • Produce, comment, and approve posts through an integrated writing and messaging window, then post on different channels once approved- resulting in a unified brand story

With Mintent, you can make better brand stories in a more efficient way. View our features and how they help you at each stage of your content marketing workflow with our Evaluator’s Guide. For more information, contact