Creating Beautiful Editorial Calendars with Custom Color Schemes

By: Chris Thompson on November 12, 2014 Categories: Corporate Communications

Editorial calendars are first and foremost a functional tool–but just because they’re useful doesn’t mean that they have to be drab and boring! Your editorial calendar can come to life with your favorite colors or your company’s brand color scheme.
Here’s an example of what a colorful–and on brand–editorial calendar can look like based on the colors from the NBC logo:


In this example, each color represents a different type of content: blog post is blue, tweet is red, etc. Though, you could opt for different shades of the same color to denote different, yet similar types of content, or items from different departments, channels, regions, or clients.

How can you put together a complimentary color scheme like this for your editorial calendar? Here are 3 easy steps!

1. Identify Your Content Types

First, you’ll want to get an idea of how many colors you’ll need. In this case, we are identifying different content types by color, so look at how many different types of content you are using in your editorial calendar–your content mix!

An easy way to check your content mix in Marketing.AI is by looking at your Content Types under “Settings and Setup”.  (If you need to customize this list, you can also tailor your content types–more on that here.)


2. Choose Your Color Palette

If your company already has brand guidelines specifying recommended color schemes, this could be a good place to start building your color palette. If you don’t have a brand handbook or you need help selecting a wider range of colors to create a complimentary color palette, there are some great tools you can experiment with online.

The Adobe Color CC Tool

One such tool is Adobe Color CC, which provides a user-friendly, versatile, interface for exploring color combinations. You can search schemes by color, concept, HEX values, tags and more. The ability to create a scheme based on the colors of an image you upload is also an useful feature. Using the mobile app allows you to take a photo with your cell phone and create color schemes based on the photo.


The Adobe Color CC web application also provides a library of sample color schemes, and there is a community of users who share their themes and provide feedback and advice to other users.

The following is a selection of some of the themes available for download or use. 


To create our NBC logo color scheme, we used the image upload Color CC feature and uploaded an image of the iconic NBC Peacock logo.


Fun fact: this logo was initially designed to encourage consumers to make the shift from black and white televisions over to the newly released color models.

Below, you can see how Color CC has identified each of the distinctive colors used by NBC for the different “feathers” in the peacock’s tail, and provides us with the RGB and HEX codes.


3. Match Colors to Your Content Types

When you have identified your content types and the colors you want to use to identify them, it’s easy to match content type to color in Marketing.AI.

  • Go to Settings->Content Types
  • In the list that appears, find the Content Type you want to update and select Edit.
  • In the Editor box that appears, you can copy and paste a HEX code to match your content type to a specific color. If you don’t have the HEX code, or you want to play around with your favorite colors, you could also use the available color picker.
  • Click Save!


Customized (and Colorful) Editorial Calendar

Now when you plan your content, your editorial calendar will fill out with color according to the content types you have planned and the colors you set for those types. A work of art!

If you would like help setting up your custom content calendars, you can contact the customer success team at and if you are new to Marketing.AI you can sign up for a FREE Trial, where you can get started creating your own custom content types for your editorial calendar.