The Doctor is In: Marketing your new physician staff

By: Chris Thompson on November 1, 2017 Categories: Healthcare
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Your physician recruitment team has hired an amazing new doctor – and the first order of business is to attract patients for this physician.
Along with field marketers who bring in those essential referrals, as a healthcare marketing team, your work complements the field reps by promoting the physicians as experts in their field not only in your community but in a larger marketplace.

Web updates and collateral

One of the first things you do when a new doctor comes on board is to update your website with their profile and update your print collateral. While many healthcare facilities are moving away from having too much print collateral and into a stronger digital presence, it is important to update the essential promotional and educational material you do use with your new physicians.

For web updates, a biographical piece about the physician beyond just their experience and education can be very helpful in recruiting patients. By highlighting hobbies, such as fishing, sports teams or hiking you can help build a relationship with potential patients, giving them a familiarity prior to that first visit.

On Mintent’s tool, not only can you write and store your drafts copy and have it approved by the physician, but you can post directly to your site once it’s complete.

Press release

Another way to get the news out about your new physician is to send out a press release. While many of these will at least get you a photo and short bio in the local newspaper, finding an interesting angle can help get your announcement some more traction.

Maybe they worked overtime flipping burgers to pay their way through medical school. Maybe their family overcame adversity to get them where they are. Maybe someone in their family had a chronic illness and that inspired them to become a doctor.

Some questions to ask your physician to help find a unique angle:

  • Why did you decide to become a doctor?
  • What attracted you to this specialty?
  • Do you have any experiences that make you uniquely qualified to treat this condition?
  • What was your proudest moment in life?
  • Is there someone in your family/or history that inspires you?
  • Do you have any unique technique or skill that you are bringing to the practice?
  • What is your patient-care philosophy?

Social Media and Blogs

The best way to connect with your audience today is through social media. Mintent’s editorial calendar can help you plug in all the posts you want to makeover a couple of weeks or months, and help you make sure nothing falls through the cracks. You can also post to Twitter, Facebook, and blogs directly from the tool.

Beyond the generic “Meet our New Doctor” posts, there are plenty of unique ideas to promoting your physicians in social media and through blogs. When using photos of your physicians on social media, while they are very proud of their professional photos, more candid shots of them around the office or out in the community appear more genuine to patients.

One thing many organizations are doing is using Facebook Live videos to promote their physicians. This can be nerve-wracking to marketing professionals to have their people live, but with the right preparation, they can be a great way to make a personal connection.

Ways to prepare:

  • Do practice videos with your physician ahead of time, going over general content ideas, and testing the sound and lighting to make sure you prevent technical errors. Make sure your expert is comfortable being on camera before putting them on live.
  • Ask for questions on your page ahead of time if you are doing a Q&A. This ensures you can pick the best questions and be prepared to give answers when live. It also gives you an opportunity to weed out the non-relevant questions so you do not accidentally answer them live.

Another way to promote your physicians is through blog posts. You can use them as quoted sources in posts on relevant topics, or you can pose questions to them and feature them in an “Ask the Expert” column. When utilizing this format, be sure to use questions that would be of interest to the community, and not clinical jargon that they won’t understand. Experts can be passionate about their subjects, but you may have to translate their words into something that will excite a non-clinical person.

That’s why a tool like Mintent comes in handy. You can write content, and set it up to notify your expert when a draft needs approval. Then it can continue down the stream through final edit, proofing and posting to your site.

Keep it all together

Providing marketing support when a new doctor comes on board can be a juggling act – with many different pieces of content in the air. Mintent can help keep you organized with our content planning tools, editorial calendar, and workflows. And, you can tag all of this content into one of your campaigns and track its success.

This will help you plan efficiently for the next time a new physician joins your team. To find out more about Mintent book a demo today