Editorial Calendars 101: Get Organized!

By: Chris Thompson on January 24, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications
editorial calendars 101

Editorial Calendars are a hot topic in the world of content marketing, with strategists and agencies realizing that they need a centralized planning process for what is becoming an increasingly deadline-driven industry.

The key to a successful content marketing strategy is publishing regular content that engages your target audience, informs them about your company or products, and convinces them to share the content into their own networks. Central to achieving a steady flow of quality content is the use of an online Editorial Calendar that allows you to plan out all of your content, manage the workflow for your content creation team, and publish directly to your website or blog.

The following screenshot is an example of an Editorial Calendar within the Mintent platform that has been filled out with multiple content items for creation and publishing over the course of a month. The calendar is color-coded, so that each color represents a different content type, giving you a birds-eye view of all of your team’s currently planned content items or campaigns.

Editorial Calendar Example


Kick your spreadsheets to the curb!

Rather than using a series of Excel spreadsheets or Google Docs to manage your content team, you can do it all within one centralized team calendar. Companies with multiple websites or blogs that need to be managed simultaneously can view each of their calendars individually or in aggregate, as shown above. Agencies who are struggling to keep on top of all of the content they are creating for their various clients can also benefit, by managing multiple organizations within a single system.

Another great feature that we offer, is the ability to filter the content in your calendar. With a click on the ‘Filter’ icon, you can select whether you view blog posts, eBooks, webinars, Tweets or trades hows. This option allows you to comb through the information contained in the calendar efficiently and in a more visually appealing way than a spreadsheet (which can cause confusion and duplicated work!). Filtering by theme, author, or buyer persona is also possible, letting you know whether your content strategy is reaching it’s targets, or still needs a few tweaks to content types, themes and personas. Simply put, the Editorial Calendar shows a bird’s eye view of your content marketing efforts and gives you an easy view of your buyer persona looks like. Can your spreadsheets do that?

Workflow Management

One of the biggest challenges that marketers face is managing the workflow between multiple team members. Strategists and managers need to know, in real time, when their writers have finished a piece and it is ready for review or the next round of edits. Likewise, when designers and social media experts are required to collaborate on the production and promotion of a piece of content, everyone needs to be informed when it’s their turn to step up to the plate. Mintent’s Editorial Calendar helps to solve all of these problems with workflow notifications that allows any team member to be assigned to a content item when it’s their turn to work on it. Everybody is involved in the project is also kept in the loop on developments and can pitch in when needed.

Publishing and Scheduling

To save you time moving between multiple applications to plan, draft, publish, and schedule each of your content items, Mintent lets you do it all in one place. From your calendar, simply click on the draft button to open up the text and HTML editor where you can write and edit all of your content. Thanks to our integrations with all major marketing technologies you can also do things like add images from Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr or directly from your hard drive.

Once the content item has been approved at the end of the automated workflow, it can be published directly to your website or blog using our integrations with various CMS such as WordPress and Hubspot. For social media updates, you can push those directly to Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. All of your content can also be scheduled for publication at a future date and time, allowing you to plan your content months in advance, and rest easy knowing that it will go live exactly when you need it to.

Whether you are managing a team, working with multiple clients, or just need to organize your own content, an online editorial calendar is your key to getting started. Sign up today for your personalized demo of Mintent’s Editorial Calendar!