Editorial Content Calendar: Learn to Fill Your Calendar in Five Easy Steps

By: Chris Thompson on May 4, 2017 Categories: Uncategorized
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Your editorial content calendar is your Content Master Plan, and if you don’t have a plan, everything is an emergency!  It translates your content strategy calendar into concrete executions. It helps your team prioritize tasks.
It guarantees that you send the right messages to the right platforms at the right time.

You know that your team knows that, but why isn’t your editorial content calendar happening? Simple: it’s hard to fill up. This article will help you plan out your posts for a month (or two!) with five simple questions. The secret? Themes.

  1. Pick a communication target
  1. Brainstorm on possible approaches

 Imagine how your reader will search for information on this topic. Ask the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why. Still stuck? Use the free internet tool, askthepublic.com It will generate several phrases that are typically Googled.

  • Use the skyscraper technique. Find the top-ranking articles for this keyword phrase, and then build on the articles. Present more information, or in a better way. You’re not copying text (because that would be both unethical and hurt your authority and website ranking), just learning what content attracts audiences and then improving on it.
  • Mind map. Take a topic, then sketch out subtopics, and then questions or factoids that would fall under each. This is a free-flowing approach that frees you to throw all your ideas into a piece of paper before any kind of editing.
  1. Write the titles
  • Pick the best ideas and write out the titles. Determine if it’s click-worthy and aligned with your brand. If your goal is search engine optimization (SEO), see if you can work in your keywords in the title.
  • Work backwards: what information do I need to fulfill the promise in the title? Break it down into story points.
  • Send the story points to the writer. (See, you made a creative brief without even trying!)
  1. Brainstorm on story spinoff
  • How can those story angles be broken down into social media posts, videos, gifs, and other digital content?
  • Which of your stories can be clustered into a series or ebook, or promoted in an editorial special or newsletter?
  1. Schedule your content
  • Plot your work in the editorial content calendar.
  • Assign the stories and content. Set mini-deadlines so everything can be pushed along the production.  This gives you and your team time to approve and revise content as needed.

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Mintent is not just an editorial calendar. It helps you and your team strategize, plan, produce, publish and measure content from just one platform.

  • Your customer personas, customer buying cycle, themes and campaigns are centrally stored.
  • Your editorial calendar can be viewed through different filters and metadata. You can find, view and manage content even if you’re running multiple campaigns.
  • Your posts can be directly posted to different channels. Mintent also integrates with other sales and marketing tools so you can fuel your entire content marketing ecosystem from one window.

An editorial calendar plans. A powerful content marketing platform like Mintent makes sure that everything goes according to plan. Want to know more about content marketing platforms? Download our evaluator’s guide with 50+ features to consider for your organization’s needs or start a free trial today.