SEO Platform – October 2011 Software Release

By: Jeff Riddall on October 24, 2017 Categories: SEO
October 2011 Software Release

The Fall 2017 gShift software release includes three primary highlights:

• Content Keyword Insights – On-Site and Off-Site Content Keywords
• Bulk kontextURL Creation via .CSV Upload
• TapClicks/gShift Integration – Beta

Content Keyword Insights – On-Site and Off-Site Content Keywords

Followed on-site and off-site content in gShift is now being analyzed using natural language processing (NLP) to identify the Title, Author and which keywords are most prominent within the content. Search volume is added to each keyword to provide a sense of the amount of potential organic traffic available. You are then provided the opportunity to select and follow any of these keywords in their chosen global, local or mobile search engines to determine what, if any, visibility you maintain for them. You may also choose to run the Content Optimizer using one of these keywords as your focus.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about how to effectively use this powerful new feature.

Bulk kontextURL Creation via .CSV Upload

If you are launching a large paid, owned or earned content campaign and wish to track engagement across all distributed content, you can now save time and create all of your kontextURLs at once by completing and uploading a gShift provided template. In this template, you will include the Destination URLs, Domain Names, Vanity Paths, Titles, Descriptions, Tags and Tag Values, as well as an indication of whether or not you wish to follow your content in the gShift SEO module for additional analysis. Upon upload, all kontextURLs will be validated and then made available for distribution.

Contact your if you have any questions about this upload feature or to find out how you can use kontextURLs to track and report on the performance and ROI of your multichannel content marketing campaigns.

TapClicks gShift Integration – BetaTapClicks Marketing Dashboard and Reporting Software

TapClicks is a SaaS marketing dashboard and reporting solution with connectors to hundreds of martech and adtech data providers. A connector has been developed by TapClicks for gShift’s SEO and kontextURL modules. TapClicks subscribers with gShift API access can now authenticate and display gShift keyword, content, analytics, backlink, activity and kontextURL click/engagement data in configurable TapClicks dashboards and reports.

Contact if you are a TapClicks subscriber and want to connect your gShift data or simply want to learn more about how you can leverage the integration.

Other notable features and usability improvements included in this release:

Core SEO Platform

• Install App Cues Help and Tour app
• Resolve security issues with public S3 drives
• Generic Export Handler (for Beacons and panels)
• Download Manager
• Remove the website multiplier from keyword usage calculations

Beacons and Dashboards

• Include Option to include Add Activity(ies) in Dashboard Buttons Beacon
• Keyword Position and Search Volume Comparison Beacon – Add optional Position Change column
• Advanced Discovered Keywords Beacon – .CSV Download Entire List
• Predictive Traffic Boost Analysis Beacon – XLSX Download
• Website Conversion Analysis Timeline Beacon Config – Link to Goals
• Comparative Date Ranges in Selected Beacons


• Add new system tag for On-Site and Off-Site Content to match gShift integration
• kontextURL Beacon Option Mods – Omit Bots and Filter Prefetch Default ON
• Individual kontextURL Click Details – add Date Clicked column
• kontextURL Engagement Report – Put Content Destination URL in its own Row
• Create Multiple kontextURLs – Replicate gShift Follow Content functionality

Site Audit

• Add View URLs to Meta Descriptions Too Long in Site Audit

gShift Platform Certification and Training

GShift Certification Logo 2 Final 277x300Click here to register for gShift’s free self-guided Certification Program, which includes five short video sessions and questionnaires covering the SEO Module, kontextURLs and Using gShift to Generate Sales.  These questionnaires are designed to test a user’s knowledge of the features and functionalities in the gShift Platform. Alternatively,  you can always reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for one-on-one training.