Finding Your Voice: The Secret to Great Ghostwriting

By: Chris Thompson on August 8, 2017 Categories: Corporate Communications, Healthcare
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When you’re in marketing and public relations, it is not uncommon to hear your words coming out of someone else’s mouth.
It can be an exciting and fulfilling feeling when a CEO or physician stands before a crowd and eloquently delivers the words that you wrote. But getting from the blank page to that speech can be an uphill battle.

Most healthcare marketing professionals at some point find themselves writing as someone else, whether it be an administrator or clinical team member.

Here are some examples of when writing in someone else’s voice may be required:

  • Announcements from CEOs or other leaders to employees, such in a monthly newsletter
  • Speeches for national or local events
  • Columns or Q&A pieces for media articles or blog posts
  • Statements or responses to the media
  • Letters on behalf of an administrator to other organizations
  • Articles or letters to patients in collateral pieces, such as patient guides or brochures

Setting the tone

Every writer has a unique writing style and tone of voice, but when you are writing as someone else, it is important for your words to match their unique style. For an administrator and marketer who have worked together for years, this can be a smooth process. But when you are just starting your working relationship with someone, finding their tone can take time.

A few things to consider when writing as someone else:

  • Sense of humor – do they tell lots of jokes or anecdotes when they speak, or do they usually keep things serious? This can be an important element of tone.
  • Common words – pay attention to the person you are writing for in other conversations and in meetings. Are there common words or phrases that they use? Do they give the same examples or anecdotes over and over? These are some things you can incorporate into your writing.
  • Know your audience – one of your roles when marketing your clinical team is interpreting their scientific language into layman’s terms for your audience. Discussing this with your expert and making sure you get clarification on clinical language before you put words on a page can help prevent anything from being lost in translation. And it will help them consider the audience when they are making edits on your work as well.
  • Capture their passion – what excites them? How can you capture the fire they have for their work into words?
  • Be patient – it may take several back and forth edits with the person you are writing for before you can capture their voice. This can be frustrating, but each time you write for someone, setting their tone will become easier and easier.

Which version are we on again?

With the continued back and forth of drafts between you and the person you are writing for, plus any comments from other people who may want/need to chime in to make sure the messaging is on point, it can be really confusing to keep track of the latest version.

Having a marketing content management tool like Mintent can help you organize edits coming from multiple stakeholders, and make sure the right people have signed off on your content.

Here are some ways that Mintent can help:

  • Copy your content from Microsoft Word directly into the Mintent website, or write within the tool and save it as a draft
  • Store your document in the tool, and make and save edits directly online so it is always the latest version.
  • Make comments in the tool, and choose who will receive an alert that a comment is made. They will also have an opportunity to reply to your comments, and you will receive a notification.
  • Set up a workflow, so that when one person is done with a document, it is automatically assigned to the next person. Mark your draft as complete, and it will send a notice to your expert that it is their turn to review.
  • Schedule upcoming content in your editorial calendar, so you and all the parties involved can have a clear plan on when content will be needed. Getting an early start and having clear deadlines will ensure your message is delivered on time, despite needing revisions to establish the proper tone.
  • If you’re planning to publish the content to your blog, website or social media, you can do so easily right from the tool.

With the help of Mintent, you can not only stay organized, but ensure that you and the person you are writing as are on the same page. Sign up for a free trial today!