8 Ways to Get More Out of Your Content

By: Chris Thompson on June 6, 2018 Categories: Corporate Communications
get more out of your content

Curating creative content on the regular can be exhausting — especially when you’re not yet seeing any return from your efforts. You work tirelessly to engage customers through your website, your marketing emails and your company’s social media channels. Despite all of your sweat and tears (hopefully no blood), you aren’t seeing the results you expected, so it’s time to switch things up. If you are searching for that extra “umph” to inject into your content, check out these 8, easy-to-implement tricks of the trade.
Social Media Hacks

You can conscientiously post to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but unless by nature your business is entertaining or funny, you may have trouble attracting followers. Experts recommend using “tricks” like a photo-captioning contest or polls to drive instant engagement. Adding short videos regularly also attracts viewers and drives your message home.

Use Image Apps

Marketing hasn’t given up on written content completely, but now, the emphasis is placed more heavily on visuals. For instance, video content makes up approximately 74 percent of all internet traffic. Upping your image game will draw in more viewers and keep them coming back. You can improve your visual content by using free apps such as Adobe Photoshop Express and PromoRepublic.

Employ More Platforms

If your online presence is limited to your website and Facebook, you are missing opportunities to reach a wider audience, one that is more likely to purchase your product or service. LinkedIn is considered the best platform for B2B companies and is excellent for lead generation. Pinterest, which relies on images, offers you an audience that is primed to buy. In fact, 90 percent of users scope out their purchases by using this popular platform. Instagram has also become a more viable for companies now, with click-to-shop functionality and more.

Blog — Seriously

Businesses can drive consumer engagement with a blog, but all too often, these formats become an afterthought. A boring or badly done blog is worse than having no blog at all. You can attract readers to your website if you have a blog that is literate, contains “worthwhile” content and is posted regularly. Develop a blog strategy and put it into play.

Watch Your Language

Of course, you should be appropriate with your business content, but you need to use a style and tone that resonates with your target audience and matches your organization’s brand. Most consumers are engaged by casual rather than formal language. If you are a B2B company, you should stick to a tone that is s lightly more formal.

Build It to Scan

You should rely heavily on pictures and video, but you still need good written content. Remember that people are always in a hurry, so make the copy easy to scan. Incorporate bold headlines and clear subheads. Also, keep the paragraphs short.

Steal Topics

You should never steal content, but you can certainly steal topics. Look at your competitors’ content as well as topics discussed in leading industry journals and write your own take on the issue. Don’t forget to check what’s trending on Google, too. Find out what your audience is reading or streaming and use that info.

Invite a Guest

If you want to shake up your content, invite a guest blogger to write a piece for your social media or website. Use your contacts to find a leader in your industry or ask a local celebrity or official to contribute. You’ll get a fresh voice in your copy and draw in your guest’s followers as well.

Effective business content takes work to create and strategy to optimize. Your company’s words and images must be sharp, attention-getting and current. Discard anything that is not working and try a few new methods to get more engagement with your content.