Getting Started with your Content Marketing Software

By: Chris Thompson on July 12, 2016 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

This is an archived post and represents our company prior to our re-brand to Mintent.

We recently created a new Getting Started video to help our customers. We thought we’d share it with everyone because it’s a great way to learn about some of our key uses cases and how we can help your Marketing or Communications team. Have a look and let us know what you think by adding your comments below.

If you have any questions about how we can help you, contact our sales team to discuss over the phone. We can share how we can specifically help you in your situation. Just click on the discussion button at the bottom right of your screen to get started. We have also included a transcript of the video below.



The modern consumer is constantly bombarded by content from every direction.

As a Marketer, you need to break through the clutter, and guide consumers through your content journey. And like many content marketers out there, you might be looking for a way to better organize your content efforts and ensure alignment across your team. Let me give you a quick introduction to how our application can help you.

With Mintent, we help you manage your content program through 3 core areas: Strategy, Workflow, and Analytics.

Every good content effort starts with Strategy. Within our application, you can define your Themes, Theme Cycles, and Personas. Themes is our way to organize your efforts – it could be a corporate objective, a sales target, internal communication, or however else you organize your content. Theme Cycles, also known as buyer cycles and Personas are a way to further identify who you are targeting with your content.

Workflow is our way of managing content execution and delivery. If you are running campaigns with multiple content types like social media posts, articles, blogs, videos, etc, you’ll want to make sure that your delivery is all aligned. This is done through the Editorial Calendar. The other sections under Workflow provide different views into your content delivery. Manage Ideas and Requests at the front of your content queue, and revisit previously created assets in the Asset Library.

One of the keys to our application is how we align your execution with your strategy. From a business perspective, there’s no reason to be delivering content unless it is impacting your goals, right?

Look under Analytics to view your Channel Report, Breakdown Report and Data Play. Data Play is a fully customizable reporting tool – this allows you to play with our data cubes and extract the insights you need. Our Breakdown Report can show you which areas you’re crushing it and which areas may need a bit more attention.

And lastly, under Settings and Set-up, you can administer our application and customize it to your needs.

If you need any assistance while you use Mintent, don’t hesitate to contact us through our online chat. Someone from our team will be happy to help.


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