The Global Marketing Editorial Calendar

By: Chris Thompson on October 28, 2016 Categories: Corporate Communications
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The Global Editorial Calendar is one of Mintent’s most powerful features of for distributed teams.There are many uses for the Global editorial calendar.

One popular use case is for global marketing teams, with a main global editorial calendar and several regional calendars. Members of the regional teams may want access to see other teams’ calendars and indeed the global calendar, while the global team and other regional teams don’t want those members to have editing privileges, nor do they want to have their content items messing up their own views.

This feature provides a way to structure a system for maximum flexibility and view-ability across teams and time zones, without sacrificing structure and organization.

So how do you set this up?

To start with you have the Master Organization.

This could act as the Global Marketing team’s editorial calendar or you might have a separate Master Organization and a separate organization that uniquely represents the global team.

In any case, this is the account from which you create sub-accounts or sub-organizations.

To create new sub-organizations head to Settings > Global Organizations

Click the create button and put in the name of the sub-account and hit create and in a matter of seconds you will have created an entirely new but linked sub-account. That account acts as a full Mintent account with separate users, permissions, settings etc.

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You can have the same user have different roles and permissions among different sub-accounts for instance. You can also have different themes, personas and other strategic elements, and linked integrations such as social media or analytics accounts among different sub-accounts as well.

Working with our account team you can also have your sub-accounts inherent settings so you don’t need to set them all up again if certain settings are the same. All of that is to say there is near infinite flexibility in how you structure the set-up of your master and sub-organizations.

As each member of different teams goes about their work they can access other accounts that they have access to from their main accounts landing screen or by accessing the accounts drop-down in the top left navigation menu.


To find out more about how to use this feature and how it can benefit your global needs, contact the sales team at or sign-up for a free trial today.