How LinkedIn Can Bolster Your Content Marketing Strategy

By: Chris Thompson on October 3, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
using linkedin content for marketing

With over half a billion active users, LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking platform that exists today. For content marketers, that vast amount of users translates into a golden opportunity to take advantage of a deep pool of potential customers.

LinkedIn has come a long way from its simplistic status update format that essentially acted as an extension of Twitter for business people to share their work wins and woes. Today the platform is more sophisticated than it’s ever been and content marketers are taking notice of its impact on B2B and, to some extent, B2C brand building.

Of course, without the proper knowledge of how to harness the power of all these dynamic platform updates, it’s still easy to fall into the trap of creating uninspired content that no one is checking for. Once you understand the true potential of LinkedIn’s content capabilities and how they function — it makes your job as the curator of that content seamless.

The Two Streams of Publishing on LinkedIn

When it comes to publishing your content on LinkedIn, it can come by two distinct but individually beneficial ways.

The first, as we alluded to earlier, are LinkedIn status updates. This is the Twitter-inspired posting method that allows you to share short updates and messages. While this might sound a little dated by today’s standards, it’s all about understanding how they function within the platform itself.


Try this on for size: a single status can take up to 80% of the feed screen. That is an enormous amount of digital real estate that any content marketer would drool over. If you’re ensuring that the content you’re producing in these small updates is concise and compelling then all that potential visibility is just there for the taking.

The second form of publishing is through the LinkedIn Publisher itself. This gives users the ability to write long-form pieces of content about different expertise and interests that can then be shared with their network. This is another great outlet as content marketers can create unique posts that are published directly onto LinkedIn and not shared through a third party.


It’s important to note that just because you’ve become an ace at publishing long-form posts, this will not make you a LinkedIn Influencer. These individuals are selected by invitation only and are leaders in their respective industries who, in collaboration with a team of LinkedIn editors, create content that is meant to spark discussion on a host of topics. Think Bill Gates and Richard Branson, that kind of influence.

In terms of referral traffic, some publishers have even seen 15% of their traffic come from LinkedIn. Publishers of business, technology, and media content are the leaders in this space and generally see the most increase in traffic. We’d never say your car and dog wash business won’t generate a lot of traffic on LinkedIn — it just might require some additional effort.

Bringing Native Video to LinkedIn

In July 2017, LinkedIn launched a new video feature that finally allowed users to record and upload up to 10 minutes of native video. This means you can post directly onto the platform without having to share videos via third party video players such as YouTube.

The advent of native video on LinkedIn meant an automatic opportunity for content marketers to engage audiences in a new way. Since users already retain a message better by video than text, it seems natural that this addition would only strengthen engagement in a major way — and it does.

Now, instead of simply relaying a brand message through status updates or LinkedIn Publisher, you actually have the ability to show how your product or service works. You can put together helpful tutorials and tips to increase the value your audience receives from your video content and make your business really stand out on the platform.

In addition to LinkedIn’s native video rollout last year, the platform also introduced two new features that were specifically designed for businesses. Companies are now able to run native video ad campaigns and include video on their Company Pages.

Native video ads function as standalone posts on the news feed. Their strength lies in pushing a visual narrative with a clear CTA button while driving prospects to your website. For all you ad buffs out there, this feature will undoubtedly become your new best friend.


Based on results from LinkedIn’s beta program, adding a Company Page video makes it five-times more likely to start some kind of conversation among users. It can also highlight culture, products, news, events, and any other information that you want to share with users. Since users have already reached your Company Page one way or another, you want to make sure they stick around and see what else you have to offer.

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