How to create your content marketing dream home

By: Chris Thompson on August 25, 2014 Categories: Content Strategy, Corporate Communications

Building a successful content marketing strategy is a lot like building your dream home:

  1. It starts with a vision of how you want it to look – on the inside and the out.
  2. You need to have a strategic understanding of what materials it will be made of and how the different rooms will fit together.
  3. An audit needs to be made to understand how much is already built, what resources are available to use and what the gaps are.
  4. A plan for building it in stages needs to be created and a team put together and managed to execute on that plan.
  5. Everyone needs to be on the same page in the construction process or things will quickly go off the rails.
  6. You need to have an understanding of the external networks coming in and out of the house.
  7. You need to understand where people will enter the house and how they will move through it.
  8. You need to be able to measure your progress in building the house to specification, and adjust as necessary schedules to prioritize delivery where it matters most.
  9. You need to understand what needs to be maintained, renovated and optimized and how to schedule work for that.

At Marketing.AI we recognize this and that’s why we provide software that helps you do a lot more than just produce and manage content. We know that to be successful with content marketing, you need to start with the foundation of a robust content strategy, and then make sure all of your efforts align with that strategy.

1. It Starts With Vision and Content Strategy

  • How do you want your customers to find you
  • Who are they
  • How will they progress through the buyer cycle
  • What are your key themes and how do those map to the buyer cycle

2. You Configure A Strategic Framework To How You Want to Work

  • Strategic Objects – do they need to be configured i.e. Custom Labels and Options
  • Content Mix
  • Custom Workflows
  • Team and Roles

3. Audit Your Content to Understand Current Gaps in Aligning Messaging to Strategy

  • Content Audit and Composition Overview
  • Theme-Cycle Planning Tool is Also a Reporting Tool

4. Create Ideas and Plan Content in Line With Strategy

  • Ideation
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Details and Context
  • Planning and Filtering Visually

5. Execute on Your Content with Collaborative Workflows

  • Assignments and Workflow Notifications
  • Drafting, Editing, Approving
  • Attachments and Commenting
  • Multiple Versions
  • Context Available Throughout
  • Integrated Publishing and Promotion
  • Completion Marking and Archiving

6. Stay On The Same Page With Multiple Views

  • The Main Editorial Calendar View with Filters
  • The List View
  • The In-Production View
  • The Composition Overview
  • The MyCalendar View
  • The Activity View
  • The Global/Regional, Parent/Child or Agency/Client Calendar View

7. Integrate External Systems Into A Combined Workflow

  • Content Management Systems
  • Marketing Automation Systems
  • Support Content Systems
  • Social Media Networks
  • Content Promotion Networks
  • Asset Stores
  • Specialized Content Systems
  • and more…

8. Measure Your Progress

  • What content is driving results
  • How your workflow is performing on strategy execution
  • Whether the composition of your content meets your goals
  • How strategically aligned your messaging is across the buyer cycle
  • Where to prioritize your efforts to meet the most important gaps and opportunities

9. Plan and Optimize How Your Content Creates A Conversion Architecture

  • How the content fits together
  • What path visitors will take
  • What their current path tells you about their current buyer cycle stage
  • How to find and remove bottlenecks
  • How to plan Adaptive Content or Real-Time-Personalization

To start planning your content marketing dream home today, sign-up for a free trial and schedule a call with one of our master builders. We’ll be happy to help!