How To Develop a Buyer Persona or Target Audience

By: Chris Thompson on August 23, 2016 Categories: Content Strategy, Corporate Communications

Defining Your Target Audience

You know that you need to get a clear idea of who your target audience is – but how do you go about doing that?

Start by reviewing your existing customers. Who’s your current tribe? Find out why they were attracted to your company and why they bought from you.

This is where most companies make a strategic error that will hamper their efforts. Don’t assume that you know why people are buying from you. Do your research – dig deep and ask them. What attracted them in the first place? How did they find out about your company? What was it that had them take the next step? Why did they buy? What do they like best about your products or services?

Thinking about the 80/20 rule is also helpful when you’re looking at your tribe. About 20 percent of your customers are your best customers – either because of the amount they buy from your company or because they’re worth their weight in gold in referrals. Other things to consider include which customers have the shortest sales cycle or require the least attention to make a purchase?

You want to focus on these clients first as this is your primary audience. It makes strategic sense to maximize your best customers. Learn as much as you can about them. Review LinkedIn profiles of people in your target audience to get a clear idea of who they are as people. Check them out on Twitter and Google+. Read their blogs. Find out their professional interests, problem areas and the kinds of issues they’re searching for information about. Note their personal interests.

Use all this information to build up a full picture of the individual. You’re looking to get to know your tribe, but you’re also researching the best kind of information you can offer them through your content marketing.

Once you’ve maximized your best customers, you may want to move onto other potential markets. Think about other industries that could require your products. For example, if you provide linen to the hotel industry, hospitals and healthcare may also be good target industries for you.

Mintent’s analytics tracking code helps you see what industries are visiting each of your content items. Simply install the software and it will monitor all the traffic to your site and to each of your content items. It tracks how each visitor arrives at your site, where they enter and how long they spend interacting with each of your content pieces. The tracking code follow your prospect through your conversion architecture until they exit from your site. Mintent also gives you a breakdown of the company name, industry, location and company size of each visitor that checks out your content.

And don’t worry if you have another analytics program you like to use. Mintent will integrate with that to pull in the intelligence you need to measure the performance of your content in attracting and converting your target audiences.

This helps you create powerful content. You can see what’s working and what isn’t. You can see if there are common places where your content isn’t working for you and people are leaving and replace those content items with material that better serves your customers and prospects.

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