How to Publish a Regular Blog Post

By: Chris Thompson on October 30, 2012 Categories: Corporate Communications

When it comes to blogging, producing regular content is key. This is the only way to develop a dedicated audience who will subscribe to your blog or visit it regularly to view your new content. If you goal is to entertain your readers you should be producing content at least once a week. If however you are blogging for business, to engage potential customers with relevant content a more frequent approach should be encouraged. Ideally you will be updating your blog on a daily basis and using social media to promote the content which you are producing.
Once you have committed to creating content on a daily basis your first step will be to plan out the content you are going to produce. This will help you to identify the themes which you need to address in order to attract your ideal customers. By engaging in market targeting you will have greater success at attracting traffic from the kind of customers who are most likely to require your products and services, and therefore most likely to make a purchase and serve as an advocate for your company.

The first step to creating a regular blog is to prepare a Reference Document. This is where you outline the themes which you need to address, your products and pricing and the markets you wish to target. You can also include information such as keywords which you intend to target, twitter hashtags for promotion and influencers within the industry. This will allow your content creators to speak with a single voice and have consistency of themes and information.

Next you should use some Editorial Calendar Software to plan out the content items which you need to produce. This will allow you to develop themes and series of blog posts over several weeks and months which will reinforce your position as a thought leader and expert in your field. It will also help you to monitor the production, editing and review of content pieces prior to approval and publication.

Using Marketing.AI’s Content Marketing Software you will be provided with Recommendations as to the type and theme of content which you should create. These recommendations will also be focused by industry based on the data collected from the traffic to your site by our Advanced Analytics software.

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