How to Track Page Views By Industry

By: Chris Thompson on April 11, 2013 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

Tracking visitors to your website by industry provides a wealth of actionable information when it comes to refining your content marketing efforts and successfully acquiring customers. It allows you to tailor your content to address the informational needs of the industries that are visiting your site most frequently, and create industry-specific conversion pathways which increase your likelihood of attracting and converting your ideal customers. Industry analytics also help you test your assumptions and tactics for the buyer personas that you are targeting. 
Having a dashboard that provides you with an analytic breakdown of the traffic to each of your content items is an invaluable asset when planning your content strategy and content creation tasks. By viewing the pages which have been most productive for attracting certain industries you can replicate those successful tactics both when producing additional content targeted at that industry, and when creating content elsewhere on your website, particular to other industries. Determining what is working, and what is not working, will help you to refine your tactics, and determine what you should do next, based on insightful data.

Using an industry breakdown such as the one above you can determine the pages that the industry in question, in this case the software industry, are visiting most frequently. This helps you to understand which pieces of content are showing up in your potential customers’ searches, and what content is addressing their needs. You can also see which pages they are exiting your website from. This enables you to insert content onto those exit pages which will increase the chances that your visitors will either navigate to more information or will make a purchase.

You should then create industry Use Cases or Case Studies which explain how your solution can be used for a certain industry, and the benefits that companies operating within that industry can achieve by using your products. By developing conversion paths designed for different industries you can then plan a customer journey for each industry, and direct traffic from the relevant companies to follow the pathway you have created for them.

This content asset view shows the traffic to an individual content item. It displays the industries which are visiting the item, the organizations which most frequently view the item, the conversion rates for each of the conversion pathways that you have established, and the success rate you have achieved at attracting visitors from your buyer personas. All of this information is very useful for adapting the content item to generate higher traffic, acquire more customers and generate additional revenue. You can achieve this by placing new calls to action, links to additional information, or additional content items such as videos, presentations and ebooks on the page to provide your visitors with more information which will induce them into making a purchase.

In addition to providing you with information regarding your target audience, it may also be the case that the analytics reveal that you are getting considerable traffic from industries which you might not initially have considered to be significant market opportunities. You can then take advantage of an opportunity to diversify your business by creating content tailored to their needs, to take advantage of the traffic you have already been receiving and to increase visits further.