The Importance of Content Workflows

By: Chris Thompson on March 7, 2018 Categories: Content Marketing, Content Strategy
importance of content workflows

The Importance of Content Workflows

A well-defined content workflow will allow your company to remove the risks and roadblocks associated with producing and managing content. If your team finds itself in a position of constantly delivering content late, having trouble getting the content signed off by clients, or dealing with disengaged and frustrated employees, it could be because you haven’t defined a workflow. That’s okay! We’re here to help you do that.


Understanding Workflows Before Altering Them

A good workflow should first define the roles and responsibilities of all members of your content management team for each step of the process, and then lay out an effective timeline and communication system for making it all happen.

A content marketing and management software, or at the very least the implementation of a workflow, will allow you to understand three things first before altering the way you create and distribute content:

  1. The People: Who are the dedicated members of your team assigned to create, brand and manage consistent content for your clients?
  2. The Existing Process: What kind of a workflow do you currently employ from beginning to end?
  3. The Day-to-Day Tasks: Which day-to-day tasks are required of your employees to ensure that the content produced is useful and impactful?


The Benefits of Content Workflows

While they’re numerous, it’s arguable that one of the most important benefits of a content workflow is that they allow organizations like yours to produce accurate and consistent content in a timely manner.

After defining a workflow to make production easier, deadlines will then need to be established to become achievable and to factor in eventual problems down the road, such as errors or bottlenecks. Within this model, your team is able to see where they fit into the larger scheme of content creation and distribution. This not only leads to a more effective team, but one that is more engaged as well.

By training your team to understand how to perform their jobs in the best manner possible in regards to content management and creation, you are also allowing them to become more accountable for their work, as they can see where in the process they made a mistake or big accomplishment.

The Necessity of Technology & Content Marketing Platforms

As you know by now, content workflows are beneficial and downright necessary for any marketing team. However, by combining the benefits of content workflows with a content marketing software like Mintent, you can ensure that your team follows a streamlined process and reduces the margin of error and any inconsistencies.

More visibility throughout the production process, in addition to a digital paper trail of every action, are even more reason to utilize a platform designed specifically for your marketing needs. Imagine a software that allowed you to keep track of all of your campaigns, content assets, team members and deadlines in one place.

Content Marketing Platforms allow you to assign tasks and communicate clearly, avoiding miscommunication and missed deadlines. With one central location for shared files, and drafts, content becomes easier to see and manage, and with superior analytics, you are able to see which assets are working and which aren’t.

To begin working like a true marketing pro and start marketing with intent, schedule a personalized demo today with Mintent or contact us to begin discussing your company’s specific needs. Then, watch as your team is transformed into a well-oiled content machine, driven by strategy.

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