Content Marketing Workflow: 20 Efficiency Questions to Ask Your Team

By: Chris Thompson on April 4, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing
Improve Content Marketing Quiz

How much does a blog post or infographic cost your company? Hint: it’s not just your writer’s fee. Whenever a piece of content passes through a manager’s hands, or circles through different revisions and delays, you are wasting management time and losing opportunities if your content marketing workflow is inefficient.

How much ROI are you getting for your content? It’s not just clicks and likes, but your customer’s impression of your brand. Remember, readers aren’t reading — they’re scanning. Until they’re actually committed to finding out more about your product, your content has mere seconds to make a good impression.

Diagnose your content management workflow

An efficient content marketing workflow makes it easy for your team to produce powerful content. Diagnose your company’s workflow problems now. Just send these questions to everyone who’s involved in content marketing. You will get a clearer idea of where any confusion that is slowing down your team and turning away your customer might lie.

  • Your creators (the marketing, creative and visual team)
  • Your internal users (the sales and customer service team)
  • Your customers

The Creators

  • How well do you know the product or service?  In 10 words or less, can you differentiate it from competitors?
  • If you had 1 minute to sell it to somebody, what would you say?
  • What is your workload this week? Can you realistically meet each deadline?
  • On a scale of 1 to Insane, how would you rate the amount of work you need to finish in one day?
  • Are instructions for each assignment clear? Can you work on something right away, or do you spend time looking for info?
  • Do you know who to approach for what you need to complete the requirement? How long does it take for that person to respond?
  • How long does it take to get approval and revisions?
  • What is the process, and what are the usual problems you encounter?
  • How do you organize your files: resources, drafts, and approved materials? If I name a file now, will you be able to find it?
  • In general, how many average revisions do you go through? What would minimize the revisions?

The Internal Users

  • Do you have the materials you need to properly address customer or client questions and concerns?
  • Do the materials reflect the brand’s best strengths?
  • What are the common questions/concerns you receive that are not addressed by the available content?
  • Do you need to correct any misconceptions or complaints that are caused by misunderstood content?
  • Complete this sentence: “If I were to make a brochure / blog post / website I would include ___________.”

Your customers

  • What is the most frequently shared, liked or viewed content?
  • What is the most common feedback?
  • How quickly can your customer find crucial information on your Facebook or website? How many clicks or seconds does it take?
  • What is the first thing your customer sees when he lands on your website, social media or blog? What is the first impression?
  • Can your customer describe your product or service in 10 words or less?


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