Introducing Twitter Approval Process Software

By: Chris Thompson on January 3, 2014 Categories: Corporate Communications

Providing your employees with access to the corporate Twitter account helps to keep your social media updates flowing with new insights from across the organization, based on the work they are carrying out, interactions with customers, and sharing of relevant content that they encounter throughout their day. Giving them free reign, however, can leave your company exposed to employees mistakenly tweeting from the corporate account when they erronously believe they are logged into their personal accounts. It can also lead to incidents where through ignorance, or lack of situational awareness, employees divulge confidential information or share thoughts and views of an inappropriate nature that reflect negatively on the company.
In addition to junior employees going off cocksure with their sharing, social media managers can employ tactics and promote strategies that have not been sufficiently vetted by the senior marketing officers, or do not take into consideration current political or business developments. This has been evidenced on numerous unfortunate occasions, such when Quantas invited their customers to tweet about their luxurious level of service using the hashtag #QuantasLuxury as they broke off negotiations with their unions and grounded all of their planes, or when somebody at Starbucks asked their Irish followers to post why they were proud to be British during the Queen’s jubilee.

To avoid unfortunate incidents such as these we have added the Twitter governance and approvals workflow to Marketing.AI. This allows strategists or managers to assign tweets for composition to employees, and then provides an approval process through which the senior members of staff review, edit and approve the tweets as is required. It also facilitates employees drafting and scheduling their own tweets, and submitting them for editorial approval before they are published live. By placing one, or several layers of authorization between junior employees and the corporate Twitter account a company can eliminate the risk of embarrassing or damaging microblogs from reaching the public sphere.

A simple example of where this could be put to use is where a company has hired a social media intern to help with their various social media accounts, including, of course, Twitter. Rather than giving them the keys to the social kingdom, they can be provided with a user role, such as Author, that requires editorial authorization before an item can be published. Using this restriction empowers the manager to give the itern the opportunity to draft all of the tweets they would like to send and have them queued up ready to publish once they have been checked over and given the all clear. This provides the manager with the freedom to go about their day’s work, safe in the knowledge that they won’t have to face down a torrent of irate customer tweets in response to an unvetted 140 characters.

In addition to this useful little feature, with Marketing.AI you also get comprehensive content marketing software that helps you to plan out your content marketing strategy in a calendar-centric workflow environment. It provides you with the capability to to create multi-stage, collaborative approvals that are customizable to track your unique organizational structure, with custom roles and permissions that are refinable to the individual level.

To see how your company can use a Twitter governance and approvals workflow to maintain a consistently high quality of tweets, and avoid any embarrassing mistakes in the social media arena sign up for a free trial of Marketing.AI to try it out.