SEO Platform – January 2018 Software Release

By: Jeff Riddall on January 30, 2018 Categories: SEO
January 2018 Software Release

The January 2018 Mintent software release is highlighted by three primary functionalities:

  • Mintent Visibility Score Added to the Web Presence Report
  • Influencer Analytics via kurls
  • TapClicks/Mintent Tracked Links Integration

Mintent Visibility Score added to the Web Presence Report

Mintent’s comprehensive Web Presence Report has been further enhanced with the inclusion of the Visibility Score, which can be displayed via a gauge or timeline based on the selected date range(s). The Visibility Score measures the relative organic search visibility of a kluster of keywords. Each position maintained in the Top 50 search results is assigned a relative value based on clickthrough probability and then the values for all positions across all keywords are aggregated and divided by the maximum possible score. This score is a useful metric when trying to determine relative visibility trends at a macro level for a group of topical keywords.

Please contact your Client Success Manager or if you have any questions about how to effectively incorporate and analyze Visibility Scores in your Reports or Dashboards.

Influencer Analytics

Influencer Marketing has become a primary channel for many brands and agencies looking to build awareness, drive quality traffic and generate revenue. However, marketers are challenged in trying to track the effectiveness of influencers, their ability to engage with the right audience and deliver measurable results in terms of traffic or ROI. Enter Influencer Analytics powered by Mintent Tracked Links. Provide your influencers with unique URLs to include in their posts and build custom paths to see which influencers via which channels are delivering traffic resulting in conversions which may include form submissions, downloads or purchases. Go a step further and use Tracked Links to see how influencers compare to other digital channels you may be using to distribute content and drive traffic.

Contact to find out more about how you can use Tracked Links to track and report on the performance and ROI of your influencer marketing campaigns.

TapClicks Mintent Tracked Links Integration

As a TapClicks subscriber with Mintent API access you can authenticate and display Mintent Tracked Links click/engagement data in configurable TapClicks dashboards and reports alongside other data within your marketing technology stack.

Contact if you are a TapClicks subscriber and want to connect your Mintent data or simply want to learn more about how you can leverage the integration to visualize all of your marketing metrics in one place.

Other notable features and usability improvements included in this release:

Core SEO Platform

  • Add Arabic Language Support for Google Lebanon and Saudi Arabia
  • Scheduled Reports – Add Date Range Picker
  • Keywords>Manage>by Search Engine – enable sort by Position

Beacons and Dashboards

  • Web Presence Comparison Beacon improvements
    • Add Direct Traffic, Referral Traffic, Conversion Value, Bounce Rate and Domain Expiry data
    • Ability to adjust highlight (+ve or -ve) threshold for each metric.
    • Separate comparison data into separate columns in .CSV download

Site Audit

  • Improved Canonical Tag Handling

Mintent Platform Certification and Training Options

GShift Certification Logo 2 Final 277x300Click here to register for Mintent’s free self-guided Certification Program, which includes five short video sessions and questionnaires covering the SEO Module, Tracked Links and Using Mintent to Generate Sales or Justify Budgets.  These questionnaires are designed to test a user’s knowledge of the features and functionalities in the Mintent Platform.

Alternatively,  you can always reach out to our Client Success team at to arrange for one-on-one training.

Mintent University

Do you need to brush up on your digital marketing skills or train new team members? Mintent University is designed to provide the training and skills, both theoretical and applied, required to succeed in digital marketing. Our Training Modules are intended to provide education for brand and agency marketing teams, to help them stay up-to-date with industry standards and emerging techniques.

Our goal is to strengthen the knowledge your team has, in order to amplify your existing digital marketing efforts and drive revenue growth for your company.

As a bonus, you will receive a 4 month free subscription to Mintent’s Educational Platform while you are enrolled in the program.