July 2019 Software Release

By: Chris Thompson on July 22, 2019 Categories: Software Releases
Mintent July 2019 Software Release_

We are very excited to announce the release of a powerful new feature in Mintent – Ad Hoc Workflow Editing.

Ad Hoc workflow editing has been designed to enable authorized users to add, move, delete or configure inactive stages on the fly from copies of master workflows associated with active content items.

Do you need to engage another team on a project or do you no longer require one specific stage from a standard project workflow? Now, you can simply click on the Edit Workflow button, make your desired changes and then return to work on your project via the new workflow. If you decide your changes should become part of a new master workflow and you have the appropriate level of access, you can also save your edited workflow as a new master template in order to apply it to future projects.


ad hoc workflow editing

Ad Hoc workflow editing will provide Mintent users with the flexibility they need to run agile content projects and campaigns, while still enabling the control and stability of automated master flows.

We’ve created the following Help document and video to familiarize users with the process of workflow editing:

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