Managing Content Marketing: 5 Problems We Face Today

By: Chris Thompson on May 30, 2017 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications
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Managing content marketing can be very tricky – especially with the digital world changing so frequently!
Content marketing has also altered the pace at which content must be created.  Faster, better and more of it.

Can you really have all three? The answer is yes, but first, identify whether or not you are experiencing the problems other marketers commonly report.

Check out the infographic below:

managing content marketing - most common problems

Content information is all over the place

Many teams just start with a topic and don’t include a brief for each piece of content they are creating.

This can leave a writer a bit at loose ends.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]When instructions are vague and disorganized, the content may turn out that way too. Hunting through emails, Skype chats and Slack threads for important points is not productive.[/perfectpullquote]

Managing content marketing in a proper platform will keep all the instructions about a piece in one spot that everyone can contribute to, no matter what their role.

The platform should also include a creative brief template that managers can easily fill in with target personas, buying cycle, theme and a brief description of the purpose of the content.

These details can help content creators to build more precise content more quickly.  Click here to read our blog “Creative Brief Template: 7 hours that can save you hours of revisions.”

Content reviewers slow down progress

Maybe there are content reviewers out there that jump on every email that asks them for feedback right away. But we don’t know any. You?

Leaving reviewers with a million emails or chat requests doesn’t help either.

If they can sign on to a single platform and pull up a list of their next tasks, that helps the entire process to move more quickly. At a glance, anyone can see what their next task is along with the deadline for its completion.

Revisions can also be subjective when content does not have a creative brief identifying the audience and purpose of the content.

When everyone on the team can see the stated purpose, revisions can be helpful, making the content more targeted. Otherwise, everyone might not be on the same page in terms of what the piece should include.

Anything you can do to streamline processes will positively impact how long it takes to develop content.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Many of the most common problems that marketers who don’t use a content marketing platform experience are easily overcome when you switch from manual processes like spreadsheets and emails, to a unified online editorial calendar.[/perfectpullquote]

If it takes your team longer to find materials, information or assets than to actually create content, you are the perfect candidate for a content marketing platform.

As you can see – managing content marketing is so valuable to any organization.

Mintent has helped many companies in a whole range of industries be more strategic with their content marketing processes. Our content marketing platform can help you plan, produce, publish and measure all in one place.

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