Chief Content Officer Introduction

By: Chris Thompson on October 8, 2012 Categories: Content Marketing, Corporate Communications

Marketing.AI is pleased to announce the appointment of Ray Horan as Chief Content Officer.
Ray received a Bachelor of Commerce from the National University of Ireland, Galway, where he majored in accounting. He then worked at two public practice accounting firms in Ireland, while studying for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants qualification. He has held the position of Chief Financial Officer at The Journal, a Scottish newspaper, since 2009.

Ray emigrated to Canada in 2011 and worked as a News Editor at Vancouver-based, financial news service, Stockwatch. He has recently joined the Certified General Accountants of British Columbia and will be undertaking their final level exams to achieve a Canadian accounting accreditation.

As Chief Content Officer, Ray will assume responsibility for the delivery of all content on the Marketing.AI website, including blog posts, whitepapers and case studies. Ray will also be responsible for the delivery of all client content, as manager of our expanding Content Bullpen service offering.

The Content Bullpen is a full-service offering from Marketing.AI. When you avail of this service we will use our software, combined with an on-call team of expert writers to produce content designed to achieve maximum effectiveness for your content marketing strategy.

Using our unique Persona-Based Marketing Automation software we will refine your strategy for attraction and conversion of your target customers. Initially, we will perform an evaluation on your current content strategy and determine the business and language of your customers. We will set up a reference document which catalogues your existing content assets to determine how it can most effectively be leveraged.

Using our software we will build your Customer Personas and start collecting data from the traffic to your site using our analytics tracker. With the help of our persona-based software we can determine: the name of the company; location and the company size of visitors to your website. We build your conversion journeys so we can establish where you are successfully converting customers and where you are currently losing them. This allows us to redouble our efforts where they are succeeding and test multiple alternate strategies where they are failing.

We then determine a system for regularly creating content which attracts and converts new visitors using our Editorial Calendar. This allows for allocation of content-creation tasks to achieve specific goals within the time-frame of an ongoing campaign. The content development strategy is determined with the help of recommendations generated by our software. Our software will recommend that we need to write a blog post to increase product awareness or that we need to test different calls to action, or landing pages and will identify which tactics are proving effective and which need a refined approach.

Complementary to our content creation we also perform content promotion using a variety of social media marketing techniques. This creates a multiplier effect for driving quality traffic to your website and raises your profile as an expert within your field. This in turn will attract the attention of trend setters and influencers within your sector, resulting in increase awareness, customer retention and recommendations.

Crucial to the success of your Content Marketing Strategy is creating regular and relevant blog posts and conversion content. This is why we have created the Content Bullpen. We will manage the creation and promotion of your content to attract ever-increasing numbers of customers, while you are freed up to service those customers. We will also run regular tests of landing pages, calls to action and web pages to ensure an ever-evolving, best fit for interacting with your customers. Key to this goal will be our performance of strategic research into all areas of your business and a census of all information available within the organization to best develop the conversation, appreciation and understanding between you and your customers.

If you would like to learn more about our Content Bullpen and how we can help your business with its content marketing strategy you can get in touch to set up a Free Content Consultation where we will review potential content strategies.