Matt Dion on the Workflow of a Digital Marketer [Interview]

By: Chris Thompson on August 23, 2019 Categories:

Jeff Julian, a renowned content marketing strategist, sat down with our CEO, Matt Dion to discuss the increasingly relevant topic of marketing workflow and how Mintent can help your team perform better. You can watch the interview here.

Short on time? Here’s the TL;DR version:

Marketers are struggling under the weight of lofty to-do lists, and a go-go mentality of pushing content out the door. It’s a common human phenomenon, we feel good about ourselves when we’re busy, so we fill our plates with more than we can handle and run around just trying to get it all done and stay busy. What our entire community of content marketing professionals need to do is to finally take a stand, and go against what feels right and just SLOW DOWN. As an industry, we spend so much time doing the urgent stuff on our to-do lists and just pushing larger strategic projects to the backburner, when what we really need to do is just take a step back, take stock of what is happening, take the time to understand what our customers want to hear about, and use data to drive our decisions.

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