Mintent CEO in Huffington Post: Beat the Content Marketing Rush

By: Chris Thompson on August 23, 2019 Categories:

A few years ago you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing about content, how it was king and how it was at the heart of everything you did as a marketer. As we move into 2017 there is nothing I can see on the horizon that knocks content off its throne. Truly any campaign or tactic you are planning involves high-quality content relevant to your audiences.

There is no single marketing tactic that works best

According to a recent Forrester report, based on a survey of marketers, no single tactic produces better results than any other. Everybody is doing everything with roughly the same results. The differentiator according to almost everyone surveyed is the value of the content itself. Because marketers know this, we are all madly rushing to produce as much content as possible, as fast as possible for as many channels as possible, until the content budget runs dry.

This isn’t necessarily a problem if it works. “Don’t fix what ain’t broken” as they say.

But…is it working?

Your customers feel your content is…useless

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