Mintent to Offer a Free Version of Its Content Marketing Platform.

By: Chris Thompson on August 23, 2019 Categories:

Mintent Software Corp. today announced that is making available a free subscription of its SAAS solution, allowing marketers the ability to immediately start using its world class Content Marketing Platform. Beginning Wednesday, May 2nd, marketers can simply go to, sign up for an account, and start realizing the benefits.

“At Mintent we believe that every marketer should have access to a content marketing platform,” states Matt Dion, CEO of Mintent. “We also don’t think users should have to sit through a demo or sign up for a “free” 14-day trial. It should be as easy as signing up, getting your content into the app, and adding your teammates. So, for that reason, we’ve made our base subscription (up to 5 teammates, and up to 20 content assets monthly) free and instantly available.”

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