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Customer Story: City of Arlington Drives Deeper Citizen Engagement

Does the content you're creating resonate across every single stakeholder you're interested in engaging with? You might think so, or you might believe not- but in either case, how do you know? One of our customers- the City of Arlington, [...]

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The Importance of Planning Marketing Content Visually in a Calendar

Planning your content out visually, using Editorial Calendar Software, helps with formulating your strategy to ensure a continuous flow of engaging content which will attract and convert your ideal customers. It also lets you see the spread of content types [...]

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Get Executive Buy-In For New Solutions

I recently joined Marketing.AI, where we help our customers get on the same page with their teams- in content creation, management, and collaboration. What does this mean? It means this first blog post I'm writing- the very one you're reading- [...]

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How To Coordinate Your Content Marketing Team

To succeed in content marketing you need to publish a regular stream of content, then promote that content to get some eyes on it. Producing and publishing this content represents a considerable challenge for most companies, especially when it comes [...]

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Setting Up Your Agency’s Content Marketing for 2014

It's the last post of the year 2013, and what a year it's been for Content Marketing. It's begun to feel a little like the early days of Blogging acceptance, when the market moved from 'What's a Blog?' to 'What's [...]

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5 Tips for Planning Your Editorial Calendar

With your resolutions to be a better, faster, leaner, more effective marketer still fresh in your mind at the start the year, there is no better time to begin planning out your editorial calendar. While the prospect may seem daunting [...]

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Introducing Twitter Approval Process Software

Providing your employees with access to the corporate Twitter account helps to keep your social media updates flowing with new insights from across the organization, based on the work they are carrying out, interactions with customers, and sharing of relevant [...]

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Managing Content Marketing Agency Client Notifications and Communications

A pressing need for content marketing agencies is a clear line of communication with their clients. This is particularly important in the realm of approvals for publishing content. While some clients are satisfied with granting their agencies the freedom to [...]

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How to Track Page Views By Industry

Tracking visitors to your website by industry provides a wealth of actionable information when it comes to refining your content marketing efforts and successfully acquiring customers. It allows you to tailor your content to address the informational needs of the [...]

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B2B Marketing Agency Blog Round-Up

This week we would like to shout out to Catalyst from Rochester New York. They are a direct and digital marketing agency who have been in operation since 1990. Their clients have included Kodak, Xeikon and Valvoline. Their blog is constantly [...]

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