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Understanding Search Intent Types and How They Can Help You Create Content

If you think about it, marketing is a bit like psychology. Search intent is a particularly interesting way to relate psychology to marketing. Much like our esteemed friends who study the science of behaviour and mind, marketers are always trying to [...]

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How Competitor Content Can Help You

The saying “keep your friends close and your enemies closer” might be a little melodramatic for content marketing, but there is some truth to it. An ongoing analysis of competitor content is one of the most integral parts of any [...]

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The Best Types of Content for Link Building

In today’s increasingly sophisticated SEO landscape, the importance of link building cannot be ignored. A crucial part of any successful content marketing strategy, link building is like digital word of mouth that promotes user trust by having reputable websites link [...]

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How to Boost Your Content’s Readability

As content marketers, captivating people with words is our bread and butter. But before you can start to entertain any engagement metrics, you need to formulate a clear and concise message that, above everything else, reads well. IN this post, [...]

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How to Harness the Power of Influencer Marketing

Content marketers are always in search of the best way to leverage content. Whether it’s a compelling blog post or fascinating video, the ultimate goal is to have your content reach the largest audience possible. While personalizing content is certainly [...]

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How to Build Brand Loyalty with Your Content

If you’re a Starbucks enthusiast that lives for their pumpkin spice latte, think about the lengths you’ll go to get one when fall hits. Maybe you’ll get up a bit earlier before heading to work and drive just a little [...]

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How to Make Your Content a Featured Snippet on Google

Having your content show up as the very first result in a Google search used to be like striking gold. However, as the search engine continues to evolve, content marketers aren’t on the hunt for as much gold anymore — [...]

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How LinkedIn Can Bolster Your Content Marketing Strategy

With over half a billion active users, LinkedIn is the most powerful business networking platform that exists today. For content marketers, that vast amount of users translates into a golden opportunity to take advantage of a deep pool of potential [...]

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What is the Optimal Blog Post Length for SEO?

Every content marketer (especially our friend in the picture above) has come across this question at least once in their career: “how long should my blog post be for the best SEO results?” As much as we’d love to send [...]

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Why Your Website Should Always Include Video Content

It doesn’t take a content marketing specialist to see the value of video content in today’s digital landscape. It does, however, take one to fully understand its benefits and build a well-executed strategy based around video marketing. Viewers retain 95% [...]

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